Introducing explosive new LA band New Language feat. Tony Hajjar (At The Drive In)

New Language - Wake Up video crop - Richard the skeleton

It was like that scene at the beginning of Back To The Future. You know the one. Where an unsuspecting Marty McFly turns Doc Brown’s experimental new amp up to 11 before striking a chord with… spectacular results.

There I was, wading through a never-ending stream of generic, beige promotional e-mail, tossing aside the mountain of wheat and chaff, searching for that spectacular sound that would wake me from my digital communication slumber, smacking me up the side of the head with its incendiary energy.

“New band,” the e-mail said. “Tony Hajjar,” it winked with a sly smile. “At The Drive In/Sparta,” it boasted, one hand on hip and the other reaching slowly for the volume control…

So BOOM! Come and meet New Language, the uncompromising new LA-based outfit featuring Tyler Demorest (guitar/vocals), Matt Cohen (bassist) and Tony Hajjar (drums/producer – At The Drive In/Sparta), and check out “Wake Up”, the explosive opening salvo from the band’s forthcoming debut album, below.

The result of recording sessions that are described as “direct, focused, and effective”, “Wake Up” is the first song released by New Language, and the first song written together by the band. It’s “…a call to action, a plea to snap out of the current haze of cultural monotony we’ve all come to expect and many have come to embrace.”

Oh, and by the way, the skeleton’s name is Richard.

New Language will make their live debut at Hollywood’s The Dragonfly on the 27th of April, supporting Metal/Rock supergroup Gone Is Gone, whose ranks include members of Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon and At The Drive In, including Hajjar. Tickets are on sale from Friday the 15th of April.

Excited doesn’t quite cover it. More news and music when we have it.

Connect with New Language at:

New Language - Wake Up cover art

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