Purson premiere new single and video ‘The Window Cleaner’

Purson promo 2016

UK psych-rockers Purson have shared their new single and video, “The Window Cleaner.”

The track is lifted from the band’s most recent album, Desire’s Magic Theatre, released last month via Spinefarm.

Says Purson guitarist and vocalist Rosalie Cunningham: “The songs on ‘Desire’s Magic Theatre’ are very personal, like a diary. They tend to be about the psychedelic experience, something that’s been important to me since my teenage years, figuring out my own sense of spirituality, and ‘The Window Cleaner’ is a prime example…

“I’d been up all night at a party, and I wasn’t really enjoying myself, it was all quite seedy. So in the morning I went to the park with a friend to do some mushrooms. Afterwards, everything had become so beautiful that I went home and demo’d up the song in a couple of hours, and the album version is pretty much the same as that first demo.

“I think the video is a good representation of where the song sprang from.”

You can check out the video for “The Window Cleaner” below. Whether you ingest a load of ‘shrooms before doing so is entirely up to you!

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