SERVERS announce new album and tour dates for 2016

Servers 2016 - Mark Latham Photography
Photo: Mark Latham

South Yorkshire’s kings of cult, Servers, have announced a new album and tour details for 2016.

Everything Is OK will be released on the 19th of August via Undergroove Records and is the follow-up to the band’s previous studio album, Leave With Us, Skin Back Alley’s 2014 album of the year.

“Wild, dark times are rumbling towards us as a human race,” say Servers. “We don’t have the answers, we are as afraid as you are. Everything is not OK! The world has gone to shit. Terrorism, politics, consumer greed, war and poverty are everywhere but we‘re force-fed by the media and organised religion that everything is OK and we’ll somehow get out of this. We won’t, not this time and your only chance to survive this is to collaborate, join together as one, forge a position of trust in a world where there is none and leave with us.”

A vociferous call to arms from the Northern rockers, Everything Is OK comprises 10 brooding tracks that unleash a healthy dose of melancholic beauty with equal amounts of haunting disposition, sonic drama, captivating hooks and 43 minutes of mood-building tension, succinctly enveloped by vocalist Lee Storrar’s evocative, untouchable vocal delivery.

Comments bassist Lee Wilde: “For this album we wanted to take the whole Servers concept to the next level, deeper and darker. There’s still the cult insight behind the songs but we tried to get deeper into the minds of those that operate in cults and look at the largest cults of all, like the mainstream media and organised religion in all its forms, looking at how they affect our everyday lives.

“There’s a darkness there,” he adds, “a sinister shadow in the background and we’re force fed that everything is ok and that it’s all going to work out in the end. Our view is that people need to wake up to this, to stop believing all the propaganda they are fed and as Servers we can show we are aware and look for the answers together.”

Servers are set to spend the rest of 2016 gigging and touring, announcing the first in a string of dates to promote the release of their album, as follows:

02nd Jul: Sanctuary Rock Bar, Burnley
09th Jul: BeanFest, Rotherham
16th Jul: Coalfields Festival
19th Aug: ALBUM LAUNCH SHOW, Barnsley Rock and Blues
16th Sep: Sheffield, O2 Academy2

The track listing for Everything Is OK is as follows:

Servers Everything Is OK cover01. “Spells”
02. “My Friends Are Enemies”
03. “To Hell With You”
04. “Unconditional”
05. “Our Lady of Bad Counsel”
06. “Codes”
07. “I Will Make You”
08. “Recklessly Extravagant”
09. “Bodies in the Ground”
10. “Into the Grave”

Connect with SERVERS at:

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