Listen to Darling Cora’s new single ‘Yearn’

Darling Cora 2016 002

Darling Cora, the nom-de-plume of Toronto based singer and songwriter Darlene Cuevas, has released her new single, “Yearn.”

Described by Cuevas as “one of the simplest tunes” on Darling Cora’s forthcoming full-length album, “Yearn” glides through its 4 minute running time with grace and beauty, showcasing the soulful elasticity in Cuevas’ voice.

“[Yearn] is about being in love with someone who you so strongly believe is your destiny and future, to the point where you have such faith that they will return to you when the time is right,” says the artist of the song.

“Is this a song about true love? Maybe, maybe not. But it certainly is about as honest and sincere a longing for it (true love) as there can be, whether grounded in reality or not.”

Darling Cora’s album is yet to be given a formal release date, but Cuevas says of the new music: “I’ve looked to blend and bend genres to create evocative, well-crafted songs that please both head and heart. It is a time capsule into my years as a young woman figuring out matters of the heart, especially to do with love.”

Connect with Darling Cora at:

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