Iamthemorning share new video for ‘Libretto Horror’ following Album Of The Year award win

Photos: Alexander Kuznetcov

St.Peterburg based progressive rock band Iamthemorning have shared a new video to accompany their song “Libretto Horror.”

The song is taken from the band’s most recent album, Lighthouse, released earlier this year via Kscope. Described by Skin Back Alley as “…a heartbreaking work of staggering beauty”, Lighthouse was recipient of the Album Of The Year award at this year’s Progressive Music Awards, organised by UK based Prog Magazine and held at London’s Globe Theatre last week.

Upon receiving the award, Iamthemorning songwriter and vocalist Marjana Semkina said: “Even being nominated for the Album Of The Year among the best of the best is such a beautiful thing, a humbling thing, too. To actually win was completely unexpected, and we are very thankful.

“We’ve worked so hard for such a long time to make an album that would make us proud, and I think we can say we succeeded with ‘Lighthouse’. And since the album is dedicated to the subject of mental illness, it’s important for us to know that it is not being rejected by the listeners because of being heavy. People seem to disregard the matter of mental health far too often, refuse to talk about it, and this is damaging for those who need help. The more people who face these struggles and hear the album and, hopefully, find help in it, the better.”

You can watch the video for “Libretto Horror” below.

Connect with Iamthemorning at:
Facebook: facebook.com/iamthemorningpage
Twitter: twitter.com/themorningband
Bandcamp: iamthemorningband.bandcamp.com

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