Tairrie B debuts new video for solo rap track ‘Down As Dirt’

Tairrie B July 2015

Tairrie B has released a new video for her solo rap track “Down As Dirt.”

The song features on Tairrie’s trailblazing old-school hip hop album Vintage Curses, a return to her rap roots that was released in August of last year.

“A dark and witchy feminist journey back to my hip hop roots with a classic old school West Coast influence, ‘Down As Dirt’ is the third official video from my new album Vintage Curses,” says Tairrie of the new clip. “I had so much fun directing & editing and want to give special thanks to my amazing team and good friends Jill and Gary Bandfield from TourBusLive.com who helped me film this latest bewitching offering.”

Check out the video via the stream below.

You can download Vintage Curses for free now at tairrieb.bandcamp.com

Read our review of the killer Vintage Curses here, and check out our interview with hip hop’s original bad bitch herself here.

Connect with Tairrie B online at:
Facebook: facebook.com/tairrieb
Twitter: twitter.com/tairrieb
Instagram: instagram.com/tairriebmurphy
Web: houseofcapricorn.com

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