Craig Finn details new solo album ‘We All Want The Same Things’


The Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn has shared details of his new solo album.

We All Want The Same Things is scheduled for release via Partisan Records on the 24th of March.

The collection is available now for pre-order via all leading digital music sites, with all orders placed receiving an instant download of the lead single, “Preludes.”

Says Finn of the new song: “‘Preludes’ is what I remember 1994 being like, coming back to the Twin Cities after being away for college. It’s a time in my life that I felt most adrift, but there was also a feeling of wonder in being out of step and alone.

“This is the song on the album that is closest to being autobiographical, but I think it fits with these other character studies in that I was trying to figure out my place in a world that didn’t seem to have a lot of room for me.”

You can hear “Preludes” via the stream below.

“We named this collection We All Want The Same Things after a line in the song ‘God in Chicago,’” Finn says. “It seems like a bit of dark humor in these turbulent political times, but it also rings true: no matter our differences we all have some very basic wants and needs that line up with each other. The characters in these songs are normal people trying to help themselves, trying to move forward, and in some cases trying just to survive. All the while they are negotiating what space the others in their lives can occupy.”

The track list for We All Want The Same Things is:

craig-finn-we-all-want-the-same-things-cover01. “Jester & June”
02. “Preludes”
03. “Ninety Bucks”
04. “Birds Trapped In The Airport”
05. “God In Chicago”
06. “Rescue Blues”
07. “Tangletown”
08. “It Hits When It Hits”
09. “Tracking Shots”
10. “Be Honest”

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