Man Woman Friend Computer collaborates with Yuliya Tsukerman on new video ‘Exordium/Outgrown’

Ambient pop artist Man Woman Friend Computer, a.k.a Thomas Echols, has collaborated with Brooklyn-based filmmaker and marionette artist Yuliya Tsukerman to create a new video, “Exordium/Outgrown.”

Set to the opening and closing pieces from Man Woman Friend Computer’s new self-titled album, the film tells the story of a spaceman who comes to terms with isolation and loss as he cares for an injured alien creature. It combines centuries-old Czech marionette techniques with modern materials and found objects, creating an analog re-imagining of the space age that points to the the loneliness of the digital world, and to the new distances we create as we try to conquer the old.

“There’s always a moment,” says Tsukerman, “when you’ve put the marionette together, but it doesn’t feel alive yet. The spaceman was stuck in that lifeless zone,” she says half-jokingly, “until I cut my thumb carving his face and got blood all over him!”

An exquisitely crafted wonder, “Exordium/Outgrown” is beautiful and sparse, yet full of intimate detail that points to the rich inner life of its characters. You can watch the film – a four month labour of love – in full via the stream below.

You can listen to and buy Man Woman Friend Computer’s new album via Bandcamp and connect via Instagram.

Keep up to date with Yuliya Tsukerman’s latest work via her website or via Instagram.

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