Music, the way it should be heard.

Skin Back Alley is a site of music news, reviews and features.

Launched in 2010, Skin Back Alley was so named because of a lane in the village of Whitwell, north east Derbyshire, where you used to be able to buy a rabbit for just two pence as long as you promised to return the skin. Hence Skin Back….. The rabbit skin would be treated and sold on and every part of the animal was used in a meaningful way.

It’s all about respect.

Of course, ‘giving skin’ also implies that well worn gesture of warmth and greeting. Of connection. We hope you’ll find a connection here.

So thanks for wandering down Skin Back Alley. We respect music. We respect you. Hopefully you’ll come to respect us, too. Why not look around and, if you like what you see, leave a comment, make a suggestion or subscribe and keep coming back with those rabbit skins.