It’s always a pleasure to receive kind words from some of the folk who’s music we’ve written about. Read their feedback below.

TBM2“We feel you nailed our album on-point in a way that no-one else has… Thank you for taking the time to really listen and write your thoughts in such an eloquent way.”

Tairrie B. Murphy ~ My Ruin

matt-benton-htpr“One of the best-written reviews I’ve seen in a long while. Poetry. Reading well-crafted words like this… makes my heart sing.”

Matt Benton ~ Hold Tight PR

Chris Estey“That’s one of the best reviews I’ve ever read! Captures The Salt Riot’s sound PERFECTLY. So happy you were so inspired by it; totally amped by your handling of its charms.”

Chris Estey ~ Seattle author and hype man

Holly-Williams-05“Thank you so much for these absolutely lovely and beautiful words about our performance at the Ruby Lounge!”

Holly Williams ~ Country music solo artist

Reed Adler“We were very excited that you were able to eloquently incorporate the musical influences and technical terms to validate yourself as a listener and us as a band. We’ll definitely be back to Skin Back Alley!”

Reed Adler ~ The Nico Blues

Mathieu Audet IMout“This review of our album is by far the best of them all! While I appreciate everyone who takes the time to listen and criticise our album, I appreciate it even more when they take the time to do it in depth.”

Mathieu Audet ~ Irish Moutarde

Miss Shevaughn“Thank you so much for a super, thoughtful review of our album, Lean Into The Wind. Another solid review from Skin Back Alley. We’re hoping to make it over to the UK sometime soon!”

Miss.Shevaughn ~ Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray

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