The Regrettes broadside Trump in new video for ‘Seashore’

Photos: Jen Rosenstein

Los Angeles teen punks The Regrettes have shared a video for their track “Seashore.”

Directed by Claire Vogel, the clip sees the band giving voice to disenfranchised women throughout history.

Says Vogel: “I wanted to pair the defiance of the lyrics with a handful of historical vignettes that embrace women taking control of the situations that have held them back. I wanted each scene to hint at how people might have freely spoken their inner thoughts in those moments should they have had the privilege.”

One shot sees band leader Lydia Night taking a swipe at the current incumbent of the White House, Night singing from a lectern dressed as the president.

“I initially dedicated this song to Donald Trump due to him being a bully,” Night says. “The video represents resistance. Given the fact that people in those time periods couldn’t stand up for themselves, I wanted to make sure that I’m always standing up for things that I believe in and for myself.”

You can watch the video for “Seashore” below.

The Regrettes album, Feel Your Feelings Fool!, is out now.

01. “I Don’t Like You”
02. “A Living Human Girl”
03. “Hey Now”
04. “Hot”
05. “Seashore”
06. “Juicebox Baby”
07. “‘Til Tomorrow”
08. “Pale Skin”
09. “Lacy Loo”
10. “Head in the Clouds”
11. “How It Should Be”
12. “Picture Perfect”
13. “Bronze”
14. “Ladylike/WHATTA BITCH”
15. “You Won’t Do”

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Loamlands share new video for ‘Little River’ honouring queer history and loss in North Carolina

Loamlands have shared a video for their track “Little River.”

Described as a solemn ode to queer community and Durham, North Carolina’s grim history with LGBTQ rights, the video showcases faces from throughout the queer community as the song recalls the murder of a young gay man at Little River; events which ultimately led to the founding of Durham Pride.

Premiering via Autostraddle, songwriter Kym Register explains: “This video for ‘Little River’ is what queer community means to me. It’s a collaborative effort of queer/gay folks and other weirdos sharing their experience of this song as it relates to their own story of oppression and expression.

“History, especially local history, is relevant. Stories get lost unless we tell them – and untold stories are all too often relived by those of us that experience the intersectional and systemic violence of patriarchy and capitalism.”

You can watch the video for “Little River” below.

Adds Register: “Sincere thank you to Michael Penny who was present at the Little River attacks, Vivica C. Cox and Stormie Dae who took hours to get did for this shoot and let us dunk their dragged up faces and wigs in water, Endless Endless for taking the time and care with this video that it deserved, and the rest of the babes in the shoot for being vulnerable with us. Such love. #weareandhavealwaysbeenthis”

Loamlands’ album, Sweet High Rise, is out now and available via Bandcamp.

01. “Another Reason”
02. “Little River”
03. “Restless One”
04. “What Kind Of Love”
05. “Folk Hero”
06. “You The Mountain”
07. “Sweet High Rise”
08. “Baby I’m Running”
09. “Can’t Tell”
10. “Get Ready”

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Micah Schnabel shares video for new solo track ‘The Interview’

Micah Schnabel has shared a video for his song “The Interview.”

The track features on Schnabel’s new solo album, Your New Norman Rockwell, out now via Last Chance Records.

Drawn and animated on paper by Charly Fasano with a total budget of $35, the video also forms part of Fasano’s lifelong multimedia project called The Tales of Any Every the Third.

Part beat poem, part Dylan-esque stream-of-consciousness folk song, part cathartic rock n’ roll blast akin to Schnabel’s band Two Cow Garage, “The Interview” plays out like a long-lost recording of a private conversation, found in a dusty shoebox that you never knew – or had long-since forgotten – existed.

Fear, love, success, dreams and the mundane grind of daily living: it’s all here in these three vital minutes. Check out the video for “The Interview” below.

Micah Schnabel’s new album, Your New Norman Rockwell, is out now. You can buy it via Bandcamp or at Last Chance Records.

01. “Your New Norman Rockwell”
02. “Jazz and Cinnamon Toast Crunch”
03. “The Interview”
04. “Cash 4 Gold”
05. “Oh, What a Bummer”
06. “Are There Any Questions”
07. “Hello, My Name is Henry”
08. “American Throwaway”
09. “Cincinnati, Ohio”
10. “These Divided States”
11. “White Envelope”

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Chris Milam shares video for ‘Kids These Days’ and details US tour dates

Memphis singer and songwriter Chris Milam has shared a video for his song “Kids These Days.”

The clip for the title track of his new album sees Milam take to the road to perform for a seemingly indifferent audience, images from his life flashing across the screen like poignant memories returning from a dim and distant past.

Beginning with just guitar and Milam’s plaintive, aching vocal, “Kids These Days” soon builds to a cathartic roar, replete with gripping and propulsive instrumentation. As Milam himself says of the track, “Kids These Days” aren’t kids anymore:

“I’ve read about my generation growing up for a long time. But we’re here — we’re in our twenties and thirties. And I know a lot of folks who, despite hard work and good intentions, aren’t where they thought they’d be. Maybe they’re even starting over. I hope that, by telling my story, other people see theirs in it.”

Directed by Ben Siler & Chris Milam, edited by Ben Siler and with cinematography by Andrew Trent Fleming, you can check out the video below.

Catch Chris Milam live on the following tour dates:

02nd Jun: Loflin Yard, Memphis, TN
06th Jun: The 5 Spot, Nashville, TN
07th Jun: Blue Plate Special, Knoxville, TN
08th Jun: Radio Room, Greenville, SC
10th Jun: Borjo, Norfolk, VA
12th Jun: The Camel, Richmond, VA
13th Jun: Avalon Theater, Easton, MD
14th Jun: Evening Star, Washington, D.C.
16th Jun: Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
19th Jun: The Speakeasy, Cleveland, OH
21st Jun: Tonic Room, Chicago, IL

Chris’ album Kids These Days is out now via Namesake Records. The full track list is below.

chris-milam-kids-these-days-album-cover-web01. “Kids These Days”
02. “Half Life”
03. “Autumn”
04. “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”
05. “Coldweather Girls”
06. “Prayer #4”
07. “New Drug”
08. “Hey, Hollwyood”
09. “When I Was Young”
10. “All of Our Ghosts”
11. “The Sun Isn’t Up”
12. “At The End of the Day”

Connect with Chris Milam via:

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BRUJA release brand new single and video ‘Sweet Milk’

Barnsley 3-piece Bruja have released a new single and video.

“Sweet Milk” sees the band evolve from their early grunge-inflected sound and take a turn towards dream-pop, drenching the music in healthy doses of reverb and placing more emphasis on the melodies that have always been inherent in their work.

The new track is accompanied by a self-produced video starring local Barnsley celebrity Anthony Youel, a pub landlord and artist now famous for concentrating on serving up artwork rather than food and drink.

Filmed by Bruja’s own guitarist Giannis and deliberately evoking static-filled 90’s VHS tape aesthetics, you can check out the milky delight that is the video for “Sweet Milk” below.

2016 was a pivotal year for Bruja, seeing the band play support slots with the likes of Shonen Knife, Leggy, Wussy and Otoboke Beaver and glean radio play from Steve Lamacq, Gideon Coe and Tom Ravenscroft on BBC6 Music. The release of “Sweet Milk” will be followed by new single and video releases along with a new EP later in the year.

You can buy “Sweet Milk” here and stream it here.

Catch Bruja live on the following dates:
Jun 09th: Fuel Bar, Manchester (headline gig)
Jun 17th: The Underground, Barnsley (Live in Barnsley Festival)

Connect with Bruja at:

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