Jack White’s “Lazaretto” is biggest selling vinyl LP for 20 years

Jack White Lazaretto

Jack White’s sophomore solo album, Lazaretto, has become the biggest selling vinyl LP for 20 years.

Released to critical acclaim in June, the album has gone on to sell 60,000 copies on vinyl, making it not just the biggest selling vinyl album of the year, but the biggest since Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy was released in 1994.

A breakdown of sales figures shows that vinyl copies made up around a quarter of Lazaretto’s total sales, and that 40,000 of those vinyl copies were sold in the album’s first week of release. That also makes it the fastest selling vinyl album since Nielsen started compiling vinyl sales figures in 1991.

Lazaretto was released in an Ultra LP format, side A of which plays as standard, while side B plays from inside to out. There are also two songs that play at 45rpm hidden under the label on each side.

You can watch White’s official video for Lazaretto’s title track below:

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Woodstock set for 50th anniversary festival?

Woodstock 1969

Woodstock founder Michael Lang has said that he is considering organising a 50th anniversary festival for 2019.

Speaking to Rolling Stone and denying that there will be a 45th anniversary event his year, Lang said: “I think we’re certainly done until the 50th. We’re starting to think about it now.” He also revealed that several sites are currently being considered in North America.

The original festival took place in Bethel, New York in 1969, and featured career defining sets from the likes of The Who and Jimi Hendrix. Several anniversary events have been held since, most recently in 1994 and then 1999. The 1999 festival became infamous as a result of rioting during sets from Limp Bizkit and then Red Hot Chili Peppers, with New York State Troopers having to be called in to quell the violence.

Lang has previously said that he doesn’t think the organisational failures of previous anniversary events will affect any new festival: “When people think [of Woodstock] they don’t think ’99 or ’94. They think [of] the ’69 event. I think [1999] has its ramifications, but I don’t think it did any real damage in that sense.”

The 1994 event saw the site turned into a mudbath due to adverse weather conditions. During Green Day’s set the band famously started a mud fight with the crowd leading to a stage invasion which saw security mistaking the band’s Mike Dirnt for a fan and tackling him onstage, leading him to seek emergency dental treatment.

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