Ginger Wildheart launches G.A.S.S. fan club

Ginger WildheartGinger Wildheart, frontman of The Wildhearts, alumnus of numerous solo albums and various side projects including Hey! Hello!, has revealed details of an innovative new fan club.

Known as the Ginger Associated Secret Society (G.A.S.S.), the club will be a multi-tier fan club and forum, offering members unique access to exclusive incentives based on the level of membership they buy.

Membership can include:

* A year’s supply of brand new songs, featuring guests from Ginger’s projects
* Unreleased demos and alternative versions of songs that have been released
* Podcasts
* Exclusive Q&A sessions
* Competitions including one-of-a-kind prizes (original song books etc.)
* Exclusive limited edition merchandise
* Pre-order ticket sales

The incentives are set to be presented in a wealth of exclusively designed artwork commissioned specifically for G.A.S.S., and a community-centered online hub will be opened.

Membership varies between £30 and £90 and sign-up opens from 1st May at the G.A.S.S. homepage.

A release about the new club states: “Ginger Wildheart’s latest venture will once again redefine the landscape in which artists connect with their fans, creating a much closer involvement with the fans who support his music.”

Here’s to the artists doing it for themselves.

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