BBC 6Music is saved from closure

The BBC Trust has today announced that it has decided to save the digital radio station 6Music from closure.

Chairman of the trust, Sir Michael Lyons, made the announcement in a report that details the first findings of the Trust’s Strategy Review.

The report states that the future of 6Music is assured, but makes clear that if the BBC should change its policy regarding digital radio then 6Music may come under scrutiny again in the future.

“The Trust concludes that, as things stand, the case has not been made for the closure of 6Music. The Executive should draw up an overarching strategy for digital radio,” he writes. “If the Director General wanted to propose a different shape for the BBC’s music radio stations as part of a new strategy, the Trust would consider it.”

Sister BBC digital station The Asian Network hasn’t faired quite so well, however. The report states: “The Trust would consider a formal proposal for the closure of the Asian Network, although this must include a proposition for meeting the needs of the station’s audience in different ways.”

A full and final report is due in the autumn.