Metallica appear in spoof ad for US sports channel

Metallica ESPN Ad Cap 640x360

Anyone suggesting that Californian metal band Metallica lack a sense of humour may need to re-consider their assessment.

The band have appeared in a spoof advertisement for US sports channel ESPN SportsCenter.

The ad sees the band effectively out of work and desperately searching for someone to use their music as a TV theme tune.

You can watch the clip below:

Metallica recently played well received sets at both this year’s Glastonbury and Sonisphere festivals. You can read Skin Back Alley’s verdict on the controversial Glastonbury set here.

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Guns N’ Roses song soundtracks emotionally-charged road safety ad

Road Safety Ad Cap 640x360

An acoustic cover of the Guns N’ Roses song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” has been used to soundtrack a brutal road safety advertisement depicting the deaths of 28 children.

The advert was made by Northern Ireland’s government to highlight the statistic that, since the year 2000, nearly 30 children have been killed by speeding motorists in the country.

The visuals are stark and shocking – so much so that the advertisement is not allowed to be shown before the 9pm watershed. But Mark Durkan, Northern Ireland’s Road Safety Minister, is unrepentant:

“The aim is to dispel, through this emotional and uncomfortable message, the false perception that many road users have as to the horrifying consequences of speeding,” he said.

A voice-over at the end of the ad states: “Since 2000, speeding has killed a classroom of our children. Shame on you.”

You can watch the advertisement below.

** WARNING: Please be aware that the advertisement contains emotionally-charged images depicting the death of young children in a motor-vehicle accident. If you feel that the advertisement might upset you, we advise you not to watch it **

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