Wayne Static’s death leaves Koichi Fukuda “sad and angry”

Static X

Former Static-X guitarist Koichi Fukuda says that Wayne Static’s death has left him “sad and angry.”

“I’m still trying to process the sad fact that I’ve lost my dear old friend Wayne Richard Wells,” he says.

“He was an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, very special person – and also a very gifted artist with a clear vision. On a personal level he was a smart, kind, caring sweetheart, and a soft-spoken gentleman. I really loved his dark, biting and sharp sense of humour.”

“It makes me so sad and angry that I’ll never have a chance to reconcile with him. I thought time was the only thing needed for all of us to realise what we had was so special. I was just waiting patiently for my old friend Wayne to come back – hoping someday we’d play music together again, have fun like old times.”

“Rest in peace, Wayne,” Fukuda added, sending condolences to Static’s family. “Thank you for everything. You will be missed by so many people, including me.”

Singer, guitarist and Static-X namesake, Wayne Static was found dead on Saturday aged 48. Following the news, a number of musicians indicated in the media that the death was related to substance abuse, but that has since been denied by Static’s publicist who said that Static had simply passed away in his sleep.

Members of the rock and metal community have continued to offer their thoughts and condolences in the wake of Static’s passing.

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine tweeted: “I’m sorry to hear of @IAmWayneStatic’s passing. My condolences go to Wayne’s family, @OfficialStaticX band members and fans.”

Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne wrote: “Very sad to hear of @IAmWayneStatic’s passing. Spent a lot of time together on @TheOzzfest tours. A tragic loss. Love to his family/friends”

Five Finger Death Punch’s Chris Kael shared: “Thoughts go out to the friends and family of @IAmWayneStatic. May his life inspire others to make a change in their own lives – today.”

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor tweeted: “I am absolutely devastated to hear about Wayne Static’s death. A good man and a good friend. My thoughts are with his family and friends.”

A full statement about Wayne Static’s death is expected in due course.

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Isaiah “Ikey” Owens dies at 38

Isaiah Ikey Owens

Isaiah “Ikey” Owens, keyboard player with Jack White’s band, has died. He was 38.

Owens was found in his hotel room in Mexico on the 14th of October. The cause of his death has yet to be disclosed. The remainder of Jack White’s Mexican tour dates have been cancelled as a mark of respect.

A statement on White’s website reads: “It is with great sadness that we tell the world of the passing of the incredible musician Isaiah “Ikey” Owens. He will be missed and loved forever by his family, friends, bandmates and fans.”

As well as his recent stint with Jack White’s band, Owens played with numerous other prominent groups and artists. He played as a member of Long Beach Dub Allstars, with Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López in their dub reggae band De Facto and later the Mars Volta, and solo under the moniker Free Moral Agents.


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Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe pays tribute to Tommy Ramone

Randy Blythe Lamb of God Download 07

Randy Blythe, frontman with US metal band Lamb Of God, has paid tribute to Tommy Ramone following the drummer’s death from cancer last week.

The last surviving member of the original Ramones lineup, Tommy Ramone died from cancer at the age of 65.

Blythe hailed him as “helping to create the music that changed and saved my life.”

Writing a statement via his Instagram account, Blythe continued: “The importance of the Ramones in the history of underground music cannot be overstated — before the Sex Pistols, The Clash, Black Flag and way before any speed/thrash metal band, The Ramones were blowing minds with loud, fast, aggressive music.

“Although to the calloused ears of modern youth who have grown up listening to crust punk/grind core/speed and thrash metal/and even some of the more aggressive music on commercial radio, The Ramones might sound like fast pop, at the time they started playing out in New York City at CBGB/Max’s Kansas City (1974), they were something that had never ever been seen or heard before.

“The first time my band played CBGB, I was completely emotionally overwhelmed. ‘Man, the feeaking Ramones started out here!’ I thought as I stood on stage. I almost started crying. Without that band, the tempo of underground music would have never reached the speed that it has today. “No Ramones = no Lamb Of God, or any of the other music most fans of my band listen to.

“Rest in peace, bro.”

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Guns N’ Roses song soundtracks emotionally-charged road safety ad

Road Safety Ad Cap 640x360

An acoustic cover of the Guns N’ Roses song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” has been used to soundtrack a brutal road safety advertisement depicting the deaths of 28 children.

The advert was made by Northern Ireland’s government to highlight the statistic that, since the year 2000, nearly 30 children have been killed by speeding motorists in the country.

The visuals are stark and shocking – so much so that the advertisement is not allowed to be shown before the 9pm watershed. But Mark Durkan, Northern Ireland’s Road Safety Minister, is unrepentant:

“The aim is to dispel, through this emotional and uncomfortable message, the false perception that many road users have as to the horrifying consequences of speeding,” he said.

A voice-over at the end of the ad states: “Since 2000, speeding has killed a classroom of our children. Shame on you.”

You can watch the advertisement below.

** WARNING: Please be aware that the advertisement contains emotionally-charged images depicting the death of young children in a motor-vehicle accident. If you feel that the advertisement might upset you, we advise you not to watch it **

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The Angels’ Doc Neeson dies at 67

Doc Neeson 2007 - Anthony Johnson
Photo: Anthony Johnson

The Angels frontman, Doc Neeson, has died at the age of 67. He had been receiving treatment for a brain tumour.

The Irish-born Australian musician vowed in 2013 that he would be amongst the 20% of those with the disease who went on to beat it. It appeared that he had done so until he announced that the cancer had returned earlier this year.

The Angels’ drummer Buzz Bidstrup announced: “It is with deep sadness that we say goodbye to Bernard ‘Doc’ Neeson. He left the world early this morning. I join music lovers everywhere in mourning this great man.”

Former Guns n’ Roses manager Alan Niven, who wrote songs for the Angels, said: “Tears and fond laughter in the beer tonight. I never thought of him as a rock star, but rather as a character who stumbled out of a JP Donleavy novel and onto the stage.”

Neeson was recently awarded the Order Of Australia Medal and admitted: “I felt kind of humble. I haven’t saved any lives. I feel honoured to be in that company.”

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