Listen as Dave Grohl streams early Foo Fighters demos

Dave Grohl

As well as being the Official Ambassador for this year’s Record Store Day, Dave Grohl had a limited edition release of his own to talk about as part of the global event.

The former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters mastermind released his own EP, Songs From The Laundry Room, which collected together 4 early demos, some of which would later become staples of the Foos canon.

The tracks are lo-fi early versions of “Alone + Easy Target” from 1992, “Big Me” from 1994, a cover of Kim Wilde’s “Kids in America” from 1991 and the previously unreleased “Empty Handed”, also from ’92.

The songs were recorded in the home studio of Barrett Jones who would go on to produce the Foo Fighters debut album. Jones shared some of the recordings with Grohl during the filming of Foos documentary series Sonic Highways.

“He was putting on songs that I’d recorded, fuck, I don’t know, 25, 26 years ago?” Grohl tells Rolling Stone. “I had songs I had no recollection of, which is weird. It’s almost like seeing a snapshot of yourself, passed-out drunk at a party. You’re listening to a song like, ‘Oh, my God, what was I thinking?'”

Find out what Grohl was thinking by taking a listen to the tracks via the stream below. Grohl estimates that he has another 15 to 20 unreleased songs that may surface in the future.

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Fugazi to release their first demos from 1988

Fugazi 2014 Cynthia Connolly
Photo (C) Cynthia Connolly

Fugazi are to release their first ever demo, just 26 short years after it was recorded.

The band’s record label, Dischord, broke the news yesterday via their website:

“In January 1988, after only ten shows, Fugazi decided to go into Inner Ear Studio to see what their music sounded like on tape. They tracked 11 songs, ten of which were ultimately dubbed to cassette tape and distributed free at shows, with the band encouraging people to share the recording.”

“The only song from the session that has been formally released was ‘In Defense of Humans’, which appeared on the State of the Union compilation in 1989. Now, some 26 years later, Dischord is releasing the entire demo including the one song (‘Turn Off Your Guns’) that wasn’t included on the original cassette. The record has been mastered by TJ Lipple and will be available on CD and LP+Mp3.”

“This release will also coincide with the completion of the initial round of uploads to the Fugazi Live Series website. Launched in 2011, the site now includes information and details on all of Fugazi’s 1000+ live performances and makes available close to 900 concert recordings that were documented by the band and the public.”

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