Ginger Wildheart releases thought-provoking 9 minute video for ‘Don’t Lose Your Tail, Girl’

Ginger Wildheart 2016 crop

Ginger Wildheart has released a thought-provoking 9-minute video for his track “Don’t Lose Your Tail, Girl.”

The song will feature on Ginger’s new album, Year Of The Fanclub, scheduled for release on the 12th of February via Round Round Records.

Created in conjunction with director Mark Haldor, Ginger says of the new video: “’Don’t Lose Your Tail, Girl’ is a feminist song written by a man. I was brought up by strong women and had little positive male influence in my life in comparison. I think this gives me an unbiased view on the opposite sex, by which I mean it’s unaffected by the stereotypes supported in magazines aimed at both men and women. In the end it’s a song about appreciating yourself, giving yourself a break, which seems harder for women in society.

“I wanted Mark to film the movie as I know he has earned strong bonds with the actresses he works with,” he adds. “He also has an eye for beauty beyond heavy make up and posing, which is what a nine-minute film really needs. Nine minutes of contorting females would be torturous to watch. He has captured personality and joy, as well as a darker side that is quite disturbing. I think the film is a work of art, occasionally uncomfortable to watch, but with a lasting feeling of freedom. It’s a song about not losing your identity, and the film captures that in the natural beauty of the performances.”

Director Mark Haldor comments that the film’s intention is to “provoke a look at women, of all ages, races and backgrounds and what they go through in life, both positive and negative”.

“My intention was that everyone viewing should be able to resonate with at least one moment from it on a personal level,” he explains. “Whilst shot with many beautiful and talented actresses to tell several stories, the suggestion is that they could also be contrasting snapshots of just one character’s life, had she made different life choices.

“It was important to me that there was also no definitive ending to this film or any of the stories told as I wanted people to be left wondering what happens to these characters next?” he continues. “Just as we do with people we know and have known in real life. A reminder for all to embrace each day and who we are because that’s all that truly matters.”

You can watch the powerful video for “Don’t Lose Your Tail, Girl” below. Be warned though, it is very definitely NSFW.

The full tracklist for Year Of The Fanclub is:

01. “Down The Dip”
02. “Honour” (featuring Courtney Love)
03. “El Mundo (Slow Fatigue)”
04. “The Last Day Of Summer”
05. “Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now”
06. “The Pendine Incident”
07. “Do You?”
08. “If You Find Yourself In London Town”
09. “Toxins & Tea”
10. “No One Smiled At Me Today”
11. “Ostracide”
12. “Don’t Lose Your Tail, Girl”

Pre-orders are available now via Cargo Records and Amazon.

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