New music releases, 7th August 2015

This week’s new and notable music releases in one handy list!

Faded Gloryville, Lindia Ortega

Down To You EP, Young States
Genexus, Fear Factory
Destrier, Agent Fresco
Live In Tokyo 1975, Miles Davis
Full Metal Whore, Lord Of The Lost
Automatic, Don Broco
Abyss, Chelsea Wolfe
The Anthropocene Extinction, Cattle Decapitation
Deathless, Miss May I
Electric Blood, Biters
The Antichrist Imperium, The Antichrist Imperium
Positive Songs For Negative People, Frank Turner
The Last Stand?, Gimp Fist
Evil Power, Deathhammer
Downfall Rising, Wombbath

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Fear Factory announce ‘Demanufacture’ 20th anniversary tour

Fear Factory

Fear Factory have announced that they are embarking upon a tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their landmark album, Demanufacture.

The industrial metal band will hit the road in November for a series of shows throughout the UK and Europe, playing Demanufacture in full and showcasing songs from their forthcoming album Genexus, scheduled for release on the 7th of August via Nuclear Blast.

Say vocalist Burton C Bell and guitarist Dino Cazares: “If you’d told us in 1995 that we would be touring Demanufacture for its 20th anniversary, we would have said, ‘Yeah right – get fucked.’

“The years have flown by in colourful and adventurous memory. 2015 has arrived, and Fear Factory will be performing Demanufacture in its entirety for the very first time for the UK and Ireland fans in December.”

Cazares adds of new album Genexus: “We wanted to create a new hybrid, something that summed up every aspect of who we are. You can hear the organic, the technological, the past and the future. It’s the next evolution of Fear Factory.”

Those Demanufacture 20th anniversary tour dates in full are:

Nov 07th: Helsinki Unioni Festival, Finland
Nov 09th: St Petersburg Zal Ozhidanija, Russia
Nov 10th: Ekaterinburg Tele Club, Russia
Nov 11th: Moscow Volta, Russia
Nov 13th: Tel-Aviv Reading 3, Israel
Nov 15th: Lisbon Paradise Garage, Portugal
Nov 16th: Madrid Arena, Spain
Nov 17th: Barcelona Razzamatazz 2, Spain
Nov 19th: Nimes Paloma, France
Nov 20th: Nilvange Le Gueulard, France
Nov 21st: Paris La Trabendo, France
Nov 22nd: Eindhoven Epic Fest, Netherlands
Nov 24th: Aschaffenburg Colos-Sal, Germany
Nov 25th: Munich Backstage Halle, Germany
Nov 26th: Aarau Kiff, Switzerland
Nov 27th: Milan Magazzini Generali, Italy
Nov 29th: Vienna Arena, Austria
Nov 30th: Prague Meet Factory, Czech Republic
Dec 01st: Berlin C-Club, Germany
Dec 02nd: Hamburg Markthalle, Germany
Dec 04th: Cologne Essigfabrik, Germany
Dec 05th: Strasbourg La Laiterie, France
Dec 06th: Gent Vooruit, Belgium
Dec 07th: Bristol Motion, UK
Dec 09th: Manchester Ritz, UK
Dec 10th: Dublin Academy, Ireland
Dec 11th: Belfast Limelight, UK
Dec 12th: Glasgow Garage, UK
Dec 13th: London The Forum, UK

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Fear Factory reveal ‘Genexus’ album details including cover art and track list

Fear Factory

Fear Factory have revealed the cover art and track list of new album Genexus.

The LP is scheduled for release on the 7th of August via Nuclear Blast. It is set to feature a guest appearance from Journey sticksman Deen Castronovo and is the band’s first for the label.

“The word Genexus is a hybrid of two words; genesis and nexus,” explains Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell. “This word describes the next transition in human evolution as man moves forward to a ‘mechanical’ state of being. Ray Kurzweil predicts that the singularity will occur around 2045. Genexus is the term for that next evolutionary process. Where humans are machines, machines are human, and the differences are oblivious to the naked eye.”

The full tracklist for Genexus is:

Fear Factory Genexus cover01. “Autonomous Combat System”
02. “Anodized”
03. “Dielectric”
04. “Soul Hacker”
05. “Protomech”
06. “Genexus”
07. “Church Of Execution”
08. “Regenerate”
09. “Battle For Utopia”
10. “Expiration Date”

Limited edition digipak bonus tracks:
11. “Mandatory Sacrifice (Genexus Remix)”
12. “Enhanced Reality”

Former Fear Factory bassist Matt DeVries left the band earlier this month to be replaced by former Static-X and Soulfly man Tony Campos.

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Fear Factory postpone European tour

Fear Factory Band Shot

Fear Factory have postponed their UK and European tour just hours after announcing it.

The band revealed plans to tour on this side of the pond in March and April 2015, but have decided that the live shows wouldn’t leave them enough time to complete their new album.

The industrial metal merchants said in a statement: “To our fans in Europe, the UK and Ireland – we regretfully must postpone the tour until summer 2015 in order to complete our forthcoming studio album.

“This is an important album for us. We wish to complete it properly so that we release a great album for our fans. We will see you soon.”

The band recently revealed that they are working on their new album in California with producer Rhys Fulber and engineer Mike Plotnikoff. The record will be released via Nuclear Blast and is still expected in 2015.

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Metal supergroup launches crowdfunding campaign

Project Rogue 640x360
Project Rogue campaign artwork

Hold the horses! Stop the press! What the hell is all this then?!

A veritable feast of metal music stars, including members of System Of A Down and Fear Factory, have launched one of the most ambitious music-related crowdfunding campaigns ever seen.

Under the band name Project Rogue, the campaign aims to raise $70,000 (£40,000) to create an album called Titans, that will feature performances from Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler, Napalm Death’s Mitch Harris, Cannibal Corpse’s Rob Barrett, alongside Paul Masdival from Cynic.

System Of A Down bass player Shavo Odadjian and Fear Factory’s founding drummer Raymond Herrera are also involved, alongside various established and up-and-coming metal musicians.

Designated Project Rogue leader Herrera says: “Ive been looking into the crowdfunding aspect of the music industry and it’s been pretty interesting to see how people have taken to it. Something like this is very unique because it allows us to deal or work directly with the fans, where they actually invest or be involved in something that is direct with the artist.”

JD Schmidt of Nociceptor adds: “It’s awesome for a band to be able to seek out to a financial resource without having to sign their lives away to a bank to see a project through. And on the other side of the coin it’s great for fans to be a part of the music that they love in whatever way they can.”

“I was floored when they asked me to be a part of it. Deeply humbled and kind of overwhelmed. I think I peed a little bit.”

Odadjian describes crowdfunding as “the future” and says he will offer his bass playing skills as well as writing and arrangement to the songs.

Pat Lachman of Damageplan says he hopes the album will “scare the shit out of people.”

A host of funding options are available for investors, including a digital copy of the album priced at $10 (£6), up to $10,000 (£6,000), a level of contribution which will see your very own composition worked into the music of the album.

To find out more about the project, along with all the details of the levels of funding that are available, head on over to the Project Rogue IndieGoGo campaign page. The project has until the 8th of July to reach it’s target.

Watch the Project Rogue official campaign video below:

The result of metal masterminds, or a sizeable and grand folly? We’re hoping for the former and will be watching with anticipation. Let us know what you think about the news!

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