Iron Maiden release Bruce Dickinson Sonisphere dogfight footage

Bruce Dickinson DR1 Sonisphere 2014 640x360

Iron Maiden have released video footage of frontman Bruce Dickinson’s dogfight re-enactment above this year’s Sonisphere festival.

Dickinson, a qualified pilot, led a team of colleagues from The Great War Display Team in an aerial ‘battle’ over the festival site just hours before taking to the stage to headline the event.

Speaking ahead of the flight, Dickinson had previously said: “We’re determined to put on an unforgettable display for everyone.”

“The manoeuvres we’ll be performing are all based on true-life battles from a hundred years ago. What some of these fighter pilots achieved back then was nothing short of miraculous given the conditions they were working under and the seriousness of what was at stake.”

You can watch the footage of Dickinson flying at Sonisphere in his own Fokker DR1 Triplane below:

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Who the hell are Iceman Thesis?! Video Update!

DOWNLOAD Festival 2014 - Day 2
Photo: Getty Images

Are you one of the many metalheads who has been wondering who the hell anonymous metal band Iceman Thesis are?

Well, Metal Hammer is reporting an answer for you, sort of…

Following their dual appearance at Download festival, on different stages AT THE SAME TIME, a parcel was received from the band themselves containing a memory stick. Here are the video contents:

So Iceman Thesis are actually various members of Five Finger Death Punch, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Skindred, The Defiled, Behemoth, Chris Jericho, Upon A Burning Body, Krokodil, While She Sleeps and more? Really?!

During their dual sets at Download, the band also threw VHS tapes in to the crowd, the footage from which has made it’s way on to the web:

So will we ever find out who Iceman Thesis really are? Do you believe the information in the videos?

Who do you think they are?!

Watch the videos and let us know your thoughts!

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