Listen! Finch stream new album ‘Back To Oblivion’ in full


US post-hardcore crew Finch are streaming their new LP in its entirety.

The band released Back To Oblivion – their first new material for nine years – earlier this week via Spinefarm Records.

The band officially split up in 2010 but returned to live shows in 2013, including a spot on that year’s Vans Warped Tour. Frontman Nate Barcalow says it took Finch a while to rediscover their musical identity:

“We stepped out of it for so long that when we came back, it was like, “Who are we?’ I felt like we didn’t know who we were and what we sounded like any more.”

“You can’t write about high school – stupid stuff you used to write back in the day. You try to make it a little more poignant, a little more important.”

You can listen to the whole of Back To Oblivion via the stream below:

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Album Review: Darko | Sea Of Trees EP

Darko Sea Of Trees CoverOur Verdict: 4/5
Release date: 8th of September
Find it at: Lockjaw Records
Find out more:

“Speed, skill, strength, songcraft, fierce shredding and mind-altering amounts of melody… ‘Sea Of Trees’ is an EP for those who like their music fast, aggressive and run through with massive melodic hooks.”

You’re an intelligent person with a creative mind and a healthy imagination, right?

Good. That’s great to hear.

Now use that imagination to picture an alluring alternative universe: one where Lemmy Kilmister grew up listening to a intoxicating infusion of The Gaslight Anthem, Rise Against, The Mars Volta and Iron Maiden – and then started a band.

You there yet? Yeah?

Now put on Darko’s new EP, Sea Of Trees, and tell me I’m wrong.

Holy bloody hardcore Batman, but this EP has everything. Speed, skill, strength, songcraft, fierce shredding and mind-altering amounts of melody. It’s a dynamic, shape-shifting beast, packing more wallop in to its 15 minute punch than most manage in their entire career.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the studio preview for final EP track “Seaward” below:

Huh? Huh? You with me yet? You damn well should be!

The other 12 minutes of auditory assault are as good and better, running the gamut of the sonic spectrum. They touch on melodic strains of punk, new wave Brit heavy metal, the angular and technical elements of math rock; almost like stripped back and punk-fueled contemporary – whisper it! – prog.

Witness track “Atlas to Atlantis”: the first minute is a thrilling punk thrash that segues into a heart-stopping guitar break the likes of which Smith, Gers and Murray would have been proud to have penned. Via some dynamic cross-fade capers we’re then treated to a tuneful tonic that verges on the pop end of punk, before returning to that thrilling squall with which the song began. It’s a very fine 3 minutes indeed.

“Timepieces and Lock Shaped Hearts” clambers up and over a solid wall of sweet-sounding riffage, before leaping with abandon and taking flight on the wings of a diamond sharp guitar solo. Frontman Dan Smith spits lyrics over it all, his belly clearly full of fire: “I once tore the world a new asshole / A reckless taunted soul / These are the songs I Screamed at the world / Does it all count for nothing?” Fortunately no, ‘cos to these ears this music counts for a lot.

It occurs that, ultimately, all of this may make it sound like Sea Of Trees is something of a “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” affair. Far from it. It’s a coherent, visceral and cognitive clip round the ear; an EP for those who like their music fast, aggressive and run through with massive melodic hooks.

Watch this space. I’ve a feeling Darko are going to be big. Very, very big.

~ | ~

Darko Sea Of Trees CoverThe ‘Sea Of Trees’ EP tracklist is:

1. Prologue (A Voice Unheard)
2. Canthus Viewpoints
3. Atlas to Atlantis
4. Hanging Off a Memory
5. Timepieces and Lock Shaped Hearts
6. Seaward

Darko are:
Dan Smith – Vocals
Rob Piper – Guitar
Chris Brown – Guitar
Karl Sursham – Bass
Andy Borg – Drums

‘Sea Of Trees’ is out on the 8th of September via Lockjaw Records.

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EXCLUSIVE! Bi:Lingual stream “Subject Number” radio edit

Bi-Lingual Live Shot

Occasionally a new band comes along with a song that slaps you upside the head with it’s passion and urgency; it makes you want to shout about it from the nearest rooftop and demand that a record label throw a wedge at it in order to make sure it’s heard; it inspires thoughts of immediately embarking upon a fevered run through the streets, yelling in people’s ears to stop what they’re doing and get with the programme. “Why are you not listening to this song? Right now?!”

Bi:Lingual are one such band, and their debut single, “Subject Number” is one such song.

Let it speak for itself via our exclusive first stream of the song’s radio edit. Click below:

It’s perhaps easy and inevitable to talk about Rage Against The Machine at this point; early adopters of the band certainly seem to be doing so. But put those thoughts out of your mind. Bi:Lingual share their rap/rock DNA, but there we’ll call a halt. These guys are a beast all of their own.

Listen carefully to Dylan Teague’s flow. It’s lyrically sharp and delivered with pin-point accuracy; yet it lays waste with the eruptive fire of a Pompeii-scale paroxysm, particularly in that roar of a chorus. It seems to these ears, too, that the particularly British pronunciation draws more on the styles explored by the UK rap and hip-hop scenes; and in the way that they rip the global talent-show trend a new arsehole, the lyrics spun in the sphere of UK grime.

The instrumentation is equally unyielding in it’s blistering incalescence; a tempestuous assault on the senses with the burning sting of a box of pissed-off hornets. The rhythm section of Aaron Lythe on bass and Stephanos Louca on drums throw it down with funk and groove that, when bolted firmly to the hardcore guitar snarl of George Louca, is blistering and thrillingly bolshy.

And, bugger me, that guitar solo! Eye-popping? Yup! Mind-boggling? You bet. Matt Bellamy eat your motherf**king heart out. And you, Chris Wolstenholme!

At this point, I would apologise for the profanity. I’m not usually prone to it. But to my mind Bi:Lingual are that good that I need to make a point. Why don’t you make one too, and buy the bloody single.

– oOo –

The full version of “Subject Number” is available for pre-order now via Itunes

Find out more about the band at: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and YouTube

Bi:Lingual are about to embark upon an extensive UK tour, playing:

23rd – The Showroom, Hartlepool
30th – The Fenton, Leeds

2nd – Carpe Diem, Leeds
4th – Subject Number Single Release
5th – The Keys, Middlesbrough (supporting DZ Deathrays)
9th – The Globe, Newcastle
14th – Roadhouse, Manchester
15th – Ryans Bar, Derby
26th – The Islington, London
30th – The Lomax, Liverpool (International Music Festival)

11th – Zombie Shack, Manchester

4th – The Crown, Middlesbrough (Guests at RISE Wrestling)

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