Black Spiders announce indefinite hiatus


Black Spiders have announced that they are on indefinite hiatus with immediate effect.

Following a weekend appearance at the inaugural HRH Doom Vs. Stoner event at the city’s O2 Academy this weekend, the Sheffield based band took to social media today to bid their fans farewell for now.

Writing in a Facebook post, the band say: “Good day to you Grotes and Scrotes. We bring you grave news, to follow on a sparrow’s tale.

“After burning the wick and oil all night and moulding the candle wax into effigies, looking over all the nautical maps we could find and lunar cycles, we have agreed that geographical differences do not allow us to continue with Black Spiders at this current time.

“We’ve given our saddles to the Smithy and handed our capes to the Smithy’s wife, for safe keeping. We Dark Riders, for now, bid you adieu.”

Black Spiders’ second, and perhaps final, album This Savage Land was released in 2013.

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Atreyu announce their return to music!


Californian metalcore band Atreyu have announced their return!

The band will play their first set since the start of a three year hiatus at this year’s Aftershock Festival in September.

“We have been spending the last few months planning this moment. Writing new music and thinking about the future while also reflecting on the past. We all came to the conclusion that it was the right time. Our history is too powerful to ignore forever. Our fans have given us too much. The void of Atreyu, in the world and within ourselves, had existed for long enough. We are happy to announce that after almost 4 years, the beast has risen!” says drummer Brandon Saller.

“To say we are looking forward to playing this year’s Aftershock Festival is an understatement. It’s been three-plus years since we have rocked the stage as brothers, and to be playing with all these high caliber bands, in the state that we call home, is truly awesome.” frontman Alex Varkatzas adds.

No details of further performances or studio recordings have yet been confirmed, but rest assured Skin Back Alley will bring you the news as soon as we have it!

As a little reminder, check out the band’s video for “Her Portrait In Black” below:

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