Listen! as AC/DC stream “Rock Or Bust” in full

Rock Or Bust cover-001

AC/DC are streaming their new album Rock Or Bust in full.

The LP can be listened to via iTunes now as an iTunes Radio First Play. The stream comes hot on the heels of the release of videos for first single, “Play Ball”, and the title track in the past few days.

Rock Or Bust is released on Monday 1st of December and is AC/DC’s first album without founding guitarist Malcolm Young. Young, 60, retired from the band following confirmation that he is suffering with dementia.

The band are planning a world tour next year, but it is unknown whether they will be joined by drummer Phil Rudd who was arrested and charged with various offences in New Zealand earlier this month. Rudd is due back in court on Thursday the 27th of November.

Rock Or Bust was officially launched in the small Australian town of Rock this past weekend. Early reviews of the LP have counted 70 references to the word “rock” across the album’s 35 minutes of music.

You can watch the official videos for “Play Ball” and “Rock Or Bust” below:

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The Birds Of Satan release new track, “Be The Bird”


Fans of The Birds Of Satan rejoice! The band have sneakily released a new song, “Be The Bird”!

The track appeared calmly on Spotify and iTunes today with very little fanfare.

Meanwhile, over on the website of the UK’s Rhythm Magazine, the following popped up:

“What would a song featuring Taylor Hawkins, Dave Grohl, Stewart Copeland, Zak Starkey, Stephen Perkins, Matt Cameron, Mark Brzezicki, Kenny Aronoff, Drew Hester and Butch Vig sound like? Pick up the new issue of Rhythm and you’ll find out!”

“Yes, there is an extra special treat for you in this month’s Rhythm – you’ll find an exclusive Birds of Satan track on your disc!”

“The song, Be The Bird, is no normal ditty either. No, it features the A-list drummers mentioned above solo-ing as if their lives depended on it.”

It’s safe to say that drummers – and those who love listening to them play – will get slightly excited around the 4 minute mark of this 7 minute plus firebrand of a song.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out our 5/5 review of The Birds Of Satan’s debut album. Just click here to find out why we said “It’s a boundary-hopping, rule-breaking, category-defying rock n’ roll masterpiece!”

As well as Hawkins’ drumming, you’ll find some exceptional guitar work from his regular Birds Of Satan bandmates, Mick Murphy (also of My Ruin and Neanderthal fame) and Wiley Hodgden (also of Chevy Metal.)

The track was produced by John Lousteau at Studio 606 and mixed by Drew Hester. The startling list of other contributors is as follows:

John Lousteau: Vocals
Chris Chaney: Keyboards
Stephen Perkins: Drums
Dave Grohl: Drums
Drew Hester: Drums
Stewart Copeland: Drums
Zak Starkey: Drums
Matt Cameron: Drums
Mark Brzezicki: Drums
Butch Vig: Drums
Kenny Aronoff: Drums

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U2 album giveaway “as damaging as piracy” says ERA

U2 Band Crop

The Entertainment Retailers Associated has branded U2’s recent album giveaway “as damaging as piracy”, and says that all it has succeeded in doing is devaluing music further.

Said ERA chairman, Paul Quirk: “Giving away music like this is as damaging to the value of music as piracy, and those who will suffer most are the artists of tomorrow. U2 have had their career, but if one of the biggest rock bands in the world are prepared to give away their new album for free, how can we really expect the public to spend £10 on an album by a newcomer?”

The ERA statement also notes that aggregate sales of U2’s catalogue amounted to 697 albums across Great Britain and Northern Ireland the week before the band announced it would give away 500m copies of Songs Of Innocence. Last week they amounted to 6,744, an 868% increase, but worth less than £50,000 at retail prices. Of those sales, 95.4% were digital downloads, as physical retailers were not briefed in advance to order in extra stock.

U2 and Apple “gifted” their new album, Songs Of Innocence, to 500m iTunes users last week, but many of those users complained about the album being downloaded into their music collections without their permission. Apple very quickly released an online tool that allowed users to remove the album from their devices should they wish to.

“Some customers asked for the ability to delete Songs Of Innocence from their library, so we set up to let them easily do so. Any customer that needs additional help should contact AppleCare,” Apple spokesman Adam Howorth told the BBC.

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Million Empire announce new EP, ‘The Lion Tamer’

Million Empire Band Shot 2014

Birmingham based UK alt-rockers Million Empire have announced details of their new EP.

The Lion Tamer is scheduled for release on the 22nd of August and will be available via iTunes and other digital music platforms. Check out the official teaser trailer below.

Million Empire formed in 2008 around the talents of Westley Knight, Andy Crawford and Paulie Willis, and cite inspiration from the likes of At the Drive-in, Billy Talent, Rage Against The Machine, Gallows, Mars Volta and Foo Fighters amongst others.

The band struck gold at Birmingham ArtsFest playing two sets in the same day, the latter headlining the Kerrang! stage.

Find out more by visiting Million Empire’s official website.

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New Metallica track “Lords Of Summer” out now

Metallica 640x360

Metallica have released a new song via iTunes.

“Lords Of Summer” stands at around 8 minutes long and, according to drummer Lars Ulrich, is fairly representative of the material being recorded for the band’s new album. It has not been decided whether the song will feature on the final version of the LP or not, however.

The band first played the song live at a concert in Bogota, Colombia. You can watch the performance below.

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