Killswitch Engage frontman speaks out about suicidal thoughts

Jesse Leach Killswitch Engage

In the latest of a series of videos from the You Rock Foundation, Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach has spoken out about his own experiences with suicidal thoughts.

The video comes just a couple of weeks after Slipknot’s Corey Taylor recorded a similar video for the foundation discussing his depression and anxiety.

Leach makes it clear that he “couldn’t have asked for a better home to be raised in”, but says that as he started to question the Christian faith that he had been brought up to believe, depression took hold.

“I had one night in particular where I was ready, it was just total hopelessness. I had divine intervention, whatever you want to call it, it happened to me. Call it what you will, if you don’t believe in God, call it intuition.”

“I was watching the leaves fall off this tree and I felt like I was one of those leaves that just gave up. It was as if all this pain could be gone if I just did this. I scared myself because I had entertained the thought enough where I considered it.”

“From that point on something happened and I went into survival mode. The thought that I could get up right now and do anything. That was the hope that came into my life.”

“I remember just riding my bike, pouring tears. I had that sliver of hope and that’s when things started to change for me. I could easily access happiness and the potential of what life could offer me. Life is fleeting and beautiful from one moment to the next.”

“You have no idea what tomorrow holds. Dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts – it’s really hard to see outside of that, but I did it. I know that anyone can get through this, no matter what you’re going through.”

You can watch Leach’s video for the You Rock Foundation below:

If you’re suffering in silence yourself, DON’T.

In the US you can seek help through the You Rock Foundation, or the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

In the UK, you can find support via a number of organisations recommended by the National Health Service.

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Anthrax, Metallica, Motorhead for Dio tribute album


Anthrax, Motorhead, Metallica and Corey Taylor are amongst the line up of artists set to feature on a forthcoming Ronnie James Dio tribute album.

This Is Your Life will be released on 31st March and features cover versions of songs by Dio, who died in 2010 following a battle with cancer.

The album will raise money for the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund, and was produced by his wife and manager, Wendy. Other artists appearing on the LP include Scorpions, Rob Halford and Killswitch Engage. The album closes on a recording of Dio himself performing a piano-led version of the title track, which originally appeared on the 1996 album Angry Machines.

The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund raises money for the TJ Martell Foundation for Cancer, AIDS and Leukemia Research and the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where Dio was treated during his illness.

The full tracklisting for the album is as follows:

‘Neon Knights’ – Anthrax
‘The Last In Line’ – Tenacious D
‘The Mob Rules’ – Adrenaline Mob
‘Rainbow In The Dark’ – Corey Taylor, Roy Mayorga, Satchel, Christian Martucci, Jason Christopher
‘Straight Through The Heart’ – Halestorm
‘Starstruck’ – Motörhead with Biff of Saxon
‘Temple Of The King’ – Scorpions
‘Egypt (The Chains Are On)’ – Doro
‘Holy Diver’ – Killswitch Engage
‘Catch the Rainbow’ – Glenn Hughes, Simon Wright, Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo, Scott Warren
‘I’ – Jimmy Bain, Oni Logan, Rowan Robertson, Brian Tichy
‘Man On The Silver Mountain’ – Rob Halford, Vinny Appice, Doug Aldrich, Jeff Pilson, Scott Warren
‘Ronnie Rising Medley’ (featuring ‘A Light in the Black’, ‘Tarot Woman’, ‘Stargazer’, ‘Kill the King’) – Metallica
‘This Is Your Life’ – Dio

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