Motorhead plan to record new album in January

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Motorhead are planning to start work on their 22nd studio album in January says frontman Lemmy Kilmister.

The band returned to live action earlier this year and have just completed their first ever cruise concert tour. They’ll be playing a select series of dates in the UK in November, too.

Speaking on the Full Metal Jackie radio show, Lemmy said: “We’ll probably go in in January to start. We never have anything ready – we go into the rehearsal studio about a month before and rehearse songs, then we go into the studio.”

“I write the words in the studio, mostly. We don’t have a plan. Motorhead never has a plan.”

Following a series of health concerns, Lemmy also confirmed that he was continuing to feel healthier: “I gave up smoking, more or less. I more or less gave up drinking, or I switched to vodka instead of Jack Daniel’s.”

Motorhead will play the following dates in the UK in November:

Nov 04th: Manchester Apollo
Nov 06th: Birmingham NIA
Nov 08th: Wembley SSE Arena

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Ginger Wildheart: “I’m surprised anyone gives a f**k who I am!”

Ginger Wildheart
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The Wildhearts mainman Ginger has been speaking to Team Rock Radio at this weekend’s Download festival.

Ahead of two appearances at the Castle Donnington metal fest, Ginger declared that Motorhead’s Lemmy was his icon, and that he’s only still alive because Lemmy is too.

“I’ll never get used to Lemmy saying hello before I do. That’s the best thing of being the part of this little fraternity of ours,” he said. “And the fact that I’m still alive – that was never part of the deal. I was going to go around 25 or 30; I’m 49 fucking years old.”

“How did that happen? Because Lemmy is my icon, and he did it. If my icon was someone like Sid Vicious or Johnny Thunders I’d already be dead. But my icon is better than your icon. Lemmy’s a good icon to have – he’s indestructible.”

Something of a rock n’ roll icon himself these days, Ginger also admitted that he’s still surprised when he meets his music heroes and they know who he is: “I had a tweet from Dee Snider mentioning me. He said, ‘I’m going to be backstage getting ready to go on, but I’ll be singing every word of My Baby Is A Headfuck.’ I was thinking, ‘Wow, that’s another part of my bedroom wall come to life – referencing a song I’ve written.”

“I walked by the guys in Status Quo and they said hello; I didn’t have to introduce myself. I’m still surprised that anyone knows or gives a fuck who I am.”

You can listen to Ginger’s interview with Team Rock Radio below:

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