SERVERS share details of new album and release video for new single ‘Watch You Bleed’

Yorkshire rock band Servers have shared details of their forthcoming new album.

Ad Nauseam, the band’s third studio LP and follow up to 2016’s Everything Is Ok, will be released on the 19th of April via Servers’ own label, Realms Above Records.

At the same time the band have announced that drummer, Si, has left the group following the recording of the new album. His replacement, Liam Power, will make his live debut at the Ad Nauseam launch party on the 19th of April at Barnsley venue The Old School House.

You can pre-order Ad Nauseam now via Servers’ official website. Check out the video for new single “Watch You Bleed” below.

Ad Nauseam was produced by Jim Pinder. Read our reviews of Servers’ previous albums Leave With Us and Everything Is Ok.

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Michael Stipe talks first new music since R.E.M. split

Michael Stipe - Passenger Times

Michael Stipe has been talking about his first new music since R.E.M. split up in 2011.

Stipe has written a soundtrack to the film The Cold Lands, directed by his friend Tom Gilroy. Speaking to Salon, Stipe said: “This is, in fact, the first thing that I’ve done musically since REM disbanded. So, of course, I wanted it to be for something that meant a lot to me. That was important… I knew I wasn’t going to sing, so that made it easier.”

Discussing his concepts for the music to the film, Stipe said: “I tried to bring groove… I probably would have done something much quieter. But I knew that he [Gilroy] wanted something that had a beat, so that was great because it really pushed me. I’m happy with where it landed. It felt to me like a great first project.”

When R.E.M. split Stipe said it was “unfathomable” that he would make a solo album. “It’s unfathomable to me right now. What would it sound like? Watered-down R.E.M?” Peter Buck also admitted he was sad that the band would never play together again, but insisted he couldn’t imagine them changing their minds over the decision to split.

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New music releases 26th May 2014

Here are the new and notable music releases for week commencing 26th May, 2014:

Sharon Van Etten Are We There
Are We There, Sharon Van Etten

A Letter Home, Neil Young
Common Linnets, Common Linnets
Meteorites, Echo and The Bunnymen
Do It Again, Royksopp & Robyn
Kiss 40, Kiss
Runes, Bury Tomorrow
Symmetry In Black, Crowbar
The Feast of the Broken Heart, Hercules & Love Affair
Mongol Horde, Mongol Horde
Decline and Fall EP, Godflesh
Eyehategod, Eyehategod
The Vaulted Shadows, My Dying Bride

All of the above and many more are available via the Skin Back Alley Music Store.

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