Lavender Child shares video for debut single ‘Happy Illusions’

Lavender Child, a.k.a. Toronto artist Caitlin Comeau-Jarvis, has shared a video for her new single “Happy Illusions.”

The evocative song blends alt-folk instrumentation with Comeau-Jarvis’ serene and enchanting vocals, while the accompanying video echoes themes of community, identity and a connection to nature.

“‘Happy Illusions’ was inspired from a weekend at an outdoor music festival,” says Lavender Child. “The environment alone was stunning; lush forests with enchanting art installations throughout the trails.

“The unsettling ambivalence of the place came from the juxtaposition between the people and the peaceful surroundings. My head spun from the irony both in relationships to nature and each other. I heard so many people say that they loved one another, which conceptually was beautiful, but realistically had me questioning the authenticity of the community.”

You can watch the video for “Happy Illusions”, directed by Dylan Mitro, via the stream below.

Lavender Child will continue to release new songs in the coming weeks up until the release of debut EP, Reflections.

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MXMS share video for new single, a cover of Nirvana’s ‘Something In The Way’

NYC/LA funeral-pop duo MXMS have shared a video for their new single, a cover of Nirvana’s “Something In The Way.”

Vocalist Ariel Levan and pianist Jeremy Dawson’s take on the legendary Nevermind era track gives it a sparse and haunting electronic treatment, perfectly accompanied by the nightmarish, dream-like visuals of Los Angeles based indie film maker Chris Kostrazak.

Say Levan and Dawson of the single: ” ‘Something in the Way’ is our favorite piece of Kurt’s writing. The numb, submissive feeling has been glue for other frightened humans like us. Our re-creation of the song is our interpretation of Ariel’s daily cyclic journey through mental illness, depression and the drugs that sometimes work. The song is meant to postpone the inevitable face-to-face with reality that’s en route.”

You can check out the video via the stream below.

MXMS’ debut EP is slated for release in early 2018.

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Listen to three new tracks from Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real

Photos: Myriam Santos

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real are set to release a self-titled new album on the 25th of August via Fantasy Records.

Ahead of the release the band have shared three new tracks that you can stream below. Lady Gaga provides backing vocals on “Find Yourself” alongside indie-pop artist Lucius on gospel-tinged ballad “Set Me Down on a Cloud.” The two songs are joined by a slow-burn rock ballad, “Forget About Georgia.”

Frontman and guitarist Nelson (son of country legend Willie Nelson) says of the new album: “I knew I had a lot of good songs that transcended the cultural boundaries between rock & roll and country. We owe a lot to Neil [Young].

Nelson adds: “We made this record after coming off the road with him for two years. Neil’s been mentoring us, and we’ve been absorbing that energy, and I think it shows. We got acclimated to a different level of artistic expression. I wanted to get the songs as pure as they could be. We’ve grown.”

You can pre-order the new album bundles now via PledgeMusic.

The track list for Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real is as follows:

01. “Set Me Down On A Cloud”
02. “Die Alone”
03. “Fool Me Once”
04. “Just Outside Of Austin”
05. “Carolina”
06. “Runnin’ Shine”
07. “Find Yourself”
08. “Four Letter Word”
09. “High Times”
10. “Breath Of My Baby”
11. “Forget About Georgia”
12. “If I Started Over”

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Basement Revolver share emotive new single ‘Tree Trunks’

Photo: Yoshi Cooper

Ontario 3-piece Basement Revolver have shared their new single.

“Tree Trunks” is lifted from the band’s forthcoming EP, Agatha, scheduled for release on the 21st of July via Yellow K Records in the U.S. and fear of missing out records in the UK.

Emotionally vulnerable, plaintive and authentic, “Tree Trunks” is fuzzy and heartbreaking yet staggeringly beautiful. “Really starting to feel like I need someone to talk to,” sings songwriter and guitarist Chrisy Hurn in a wistful lyric that reflects on dual themes of mental health and the environment. “I’m really tired of this fight,” she cedes in a moment of surrender.

Recalls Hurn: “‘Tree trunks’ was written when I started experiencing panic attacks for the first time and my increasing need to find a professional who could help me to find better ways to cope.

“It also tries to mirror how I imagine the environment feels sometimes – and how the environment is tied to many people’s mental health. I was very fortunate to find the help that I needed and I would encourage everyone to go after the mental health resources that are available to them.”

You can listen to “Tree Trunks” via the stream below.

Connect with Basement Revolver via:

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Man Woman Friend Computer collaborates with Yuliya Tsukerman on new video ‘Exordium/Outgrown’

Ambient pop artist Man Woman Friend Computer, a.k.a Thomas Echols, has collaborated with Brooklyn-based filmmaker and marionette artist Yuliya Tsukerman to create a new video, “Exordium/Outgrown.”

Set to the opening and closing pieces from Man Woman Friend Computer’s new self-titled album, the film tells the story of a spaceman who comes to terms with isolation and loss as he cares for an injured alien creature. It combines centuries-old Czech marionette techniques with modern materials and found objects, creating an analog re-imagining of the space age that points to the the loneliness of the digital world, and to the new distances we create as we try to conquer the old.

“There’s always a moment,” says Tsukerman, “when you’ve put the marionette together, but it doesn’t feel alive yet. The spaceman was stuck in that lifeless zone,” she says half-jokingly, “until I cut my thumb carving his face and got blood all over him!”

An exquisitely crafted wonder, “Exordium/Outgrown” is beautiful and sparse, yet full of intimate detail that points to the rich inner life of its characters. You can watch the film – a four month labour of love – in full via the stream below.

You can listen to and buy Man Woman Friend Computer’s new album via Bandcamp and connect via Instagram.

Keep up to date with Yuliya Tsukerman’s latest work via her website or via Instagram.

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