Pantera’s ‘Cowboys from Hell’ 20th Anniversary

Warner Music are planning a 20th anniversary reissue of Pantera’s seminal 1990 album Cowboys From Hell. The remastered original album will be released on 22nd November with a second disc of live material. Three disc ‘deluxe’ and ‘ultimate’ packages will also be available, including rare and unreleased tracks.

The anniversary edition of the band’s major label debut comes six years after the murder of guitarist ‘Dimebag’ Darrell, who was shot dead on stage by a deranged fan in December 2004.

The album’s full tracklisting will be as follows:

Disc One
01 Cowboys From Hell
02 Primal Concrete Sledge
03 Psycho Holiday
04 Heresy
05 Cemetery Gates
06 Domination
07 Shattered
08 Clash With Reality
09 Medicine Man
10 Message In Blood
11 The Sleep
12 The Art Of Shredding

Disc Two
01 Domination (Live)
02 Psycho Holiday (Live)
03 The Art Of Shredding (Live)
04 Cowboys From Hell (Live)
05 Cemetery Gates (Live)
06 Primal Concrete Sledge (Live)
07 Heresy (Live)
08 Domination (Live)
09 Primal Concrete Sledge (Live)
10 Cowboys From Hell (Live)
11 Heresy (Live)
12 Psycho Holiday (Live)

Disc Three (Ultimate and Deluxe Editions Only)
01 The Will To Survive
02 Shattered (Demo)
03 Cowboys From Hell (Demo)
04 Heresy (Demo)
05 Cemetery Gates (Demo)
06 Psycho Holiday (Demo)
07 Medicine Man (Demo)
08 Message In Blood (Demo)
09 Domination (Demo)
10 The Sleep (Demo)
11 The Art Of Shredding (Demo)