Panic Room launch PledgeMusic campaign for live DVD

Panic Room 2014

Panic Room have launched a PledgeMusic campaign to help fund their live DVD.

The band are planning to record their London show at Islington Assembly Hall on the 18th of June, and in order to fully document the event and release the subsequent DVD are looking to raise £25,000.

Say Panic Room of the campaign: “We’ve released five albums now and been touring for eight years. But there’s still one thing we haven’t done – filmed a live DVD. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do this summer.

“We’re a bunch of perfectionists, and we never want to give you anything but our best. But now in 2016, everything has fallen into place perfectly and the band are on fire right now.

“We’ve booked the Islington Assembly Hall in London – a Grade II Listed building with gorgeous Art Deco features, which we know will make an incredible backdrop for the Panic Room live DVD.

“It’s the perfect summer night gig – and we need all of you guys there to fill the hall and make it the most epic gig ever.”

Panic Room are offering those who pledge a range of incentives including signed DVDs, deluxe editions of the film, t-shirts, disposable “Panic-Cams”, photo books and exclusive behind-the-scenes updates. You can find out more and make your pledge via Panic Room’s official PledgeMusic campaign page.

Panic Room have several other live dates planned over the summer:

May 21st: Bilston, Panic Room Weekend
May 22nd: Bilston, Panic Room Weekend
Jun 11th: Poole, Mr Kyps
Jun 12th: Cambridge, Junction 2
Jun 18th: London, Islington Assembly Hall
Jun 23rd: Bristol, The Fleece
Jun 24th: Worcester, Marr’s Bar
Jun 25th: St Helens, The Citadel

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Ginger Wildheart launches new label Round Records in conjunction with PledgeMusic

Ginger Wildheart 2016 crop

Ginger Wildheart has launched a brand new record label, Round Records.

The label is set to act as a home for the many and varied projects that Ginger is a part of, including Hey! Hello!, The Wildhearts and more.

Arguably Ginger’s most ambitious project to date – moving from stand-alone individual releases to a fully-fledged record label – PledgeMusic is proud to be partnering with Ginger and Round Records to enable fans to pre-order new releases and access a host of extra and exclusive offers.

Says the man himself: “Round Records allows me to further explore what can be achieved using the direct-to-fan formula.

“My last project was a fan club, something that I had always enjoyed as a kid. When I realised that a lot of people didn’t even know what a fan club was the logical next step was to introduce a record label whose logo was as iconic and the music it releases.

“Growing up with Stiff, Sub Pop and Def Jam I always loved the idea of a ‘fair’ record company, but I’ve had precious little personal experience in record companies being anything more than a smokescreen run by corporate suits with very little understanding let alone love for the music.

“This time around I’m the boss, and this boss is all about the music.”

Ginger and PledgeMusic have history. In August 2011, Ginger launched his Triple Album Project via the platform. The pitch was to record a 30-song triple album and the campaign met with immediate success, hitting 100% of the funding target within six hours of launching.

The resulting album was a huge success for Ginger and won him the Classic Rock magazine ‘Event of the Year’ award. Subsequent projects with PledgeMusic have delivered equally stunning results; the last one being a book entitled Songs & Words, which featured archive photos and the stories behind Ginger’s songs as only Ginger could tell them.

Round Records’ first releases will be:

Hey! Hello – Hey! Hello! Too! album, releasing 3rd June 2016)
The Wildhearts – PHUQ Live (album, releasing 1st July 2016)
Ginger Wildheart – Solo Album Boxset (releasing 5th August 2016)
Mutation – Mutation III (album, releasing 2nd September 2016)

Find out more and connect with Round Records at

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CJ Wildheart releases video for solo single, Down The Drain

The Wildhearts Perform At The Manchester Academy
Photo credit: from Classic Rock Magazine, CJ at Manchester Academy

CJ Wildheart is set to release his first solo album, Mable. You can watch the video to lead single, “Down The Drain”, below.

Following a three year break from music, during which the Wildhearts guitarist ran his own cleaning business in London, the 46 year old is now living in Yorkshire, making and selling his own brand of hot sauce, and playing music again both as a solo performer and with his bandmates in The Wildhearts.

Speaking to Classic Rock Magazine, CJ reveals that with his first child on the way, life is very different to his days partying as part of his previous groups, Honeycrack, and The Jellys.

“The Jellys were fuelled by speed,” he says. “Now I’m fuelled by good cheese and nice bread. I’m laid back and there isn’t that hectic, on-the-edge sort of sound.”

“I retired from music for three years,” he continues. “After the Chutzpah tour with The Wildhearts I needed a break; I wanted to do something I’d never done before, which is have a job. I started the cleaning company and employed a bunch of guys. At times it was great but at others it was really horrible.”

“A lot of musicians are wrapped in cotton wool – the Wildhearts aren’t massive but we tour at a level where we have a lot of crew doing stuff for us, and you’re kind of detached from reality. Doing a day job was the biggest lesson I’ve ever had. It grounded me and made me a better person.

“I’m singing about stuff that kind of pissed me off when I was cleaning for a lot of rich, snobby people who I wanted to kill. I had to suck it up; as a musician you don’t have to do that – you can rage at people and not get fired. I had to suppress all that rage and anger in my business.”

Mable – and CJ’s Devilspit hot sauce! – are available via CJ’s Pledgemusic page.

You can watch the lead single from Mable, “Down The Drain#, by clicking below.

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Ricky Warwick plans 2 pledge fund albums

RW_WEBSITE_LBlack Star Riders frontman Ricky Warwick has launched a PledgeMusic campaign to fund the making of two solo albums.

Assuming Warwick’s targets are reached, Def Leppard singer Joe Elliot is lined up to produce. Eliot is already scheduled to work with Warwick on the next Black Star Riders LP.

Says Warwick: “These will be my fourth and fifth studio albums. The acoustic one is going to be called Hearts On Trees, and the theme will be being true to your roots and what people sacrifice for their homes, the other will be called When Patsy Cline Was Crazy (And Guy Mitchell Sang The Blues). There will not be an acoustic guitar in sight on that one.

“As I was writing these songs they tended to polarise; some were clearly rockers and some tapped into my folk background. So why not make two records? I’m sure you’ll love the new songs.”

The former Almighty singer’s campaign has already raised more than a third of it’s target with 302 days still to go. You can see the campaign and donate funds by clicking here.

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