Music and mental health podcast Don’t Fret Club release in-depth interview with Frank Carter


Music and mental health podcast Don’t Fret Club have released an in-depth interview with Frank Carter, frontman of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

In it the ex-Pure Love and Gallows vocalist discusses safe gig environments, previous bands and health.

The new episode – the Club’s eleventh – is one of the most in-depth yet, talking success, insecurities, and making mistakes.

“I used to be very nihilistic, or at least that’s what people thought but actually the reality is [that] I’m massively insecure. I have been my whole life.” Frank tells Don’t Fret Club.

“I’m a bit more confident now because I’m owning who I am a bit more, I have just taken on more ownership of myself and my actions. I’m a human being; I read stuff that strangers have written about me and it’s f**king hurtful, it’s pretty damaging stuff.”

Even more inspiring is Frank’s positivity and encouragement.

“I’m truly embracing who I am on stage and I have a confidence with that that I never had before.” Frank adds. “I feel like I’ve successfully made the transition from what people expected from me at my shows to what I’m happy to give them.

You can listen to the interview below.

Don’t Fret Club is a new initiative, a crossroads of mental health discussion and music. A not-for-profit podcast, website and communal space of discussion and guest articles (curated and hosted by Jessica Bridgeman). Don’t Fret Club aims to raise awareness of mental health in young people, harnessing the music community to help host an empowering conversation around depression, anxiety and conduct disorders.

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Butcher Babies “…have something coming out in October”

Butcher Babies Promo 2014

Butcher Babies vocalist Heidi Shepherd has said that the band will “…have something coming out in October.”

Speaking in interview with Music Feeds, Shepherd said: “We have something coming out in October. I can’t say exactly what it is. But I’m gonna hint to it, ’cause I want to hint to it. Yes, we have something dropping in October, something that we’re all very excited about and we actually worked really hard on. And then our new album is well underway, and that will be coming out next year.”

Following non-stop touring across North America in the earlier part of the year, Butcher Babies have spent most of the summer writing and recording material for their forthcoming sophomore album, expected to be released via Century Media sometime in 2015.

In an interview with Maine Music News, Butcher Babies’ Carla Harvey said of the band’s debut album, Goliath: “We spent six weeks in pre-production and recording to make an album that gives us goose bumps every time we hear it.

“We all come from different musical backgrounds. I love old-school stuff like Slayer, old Metallica, I love Pantera. [Our drummer] Chris [Warner], loves Marilyn Manson. Heidi, my co-vocalist loves nu-metal. Henry [Flury], our guitar player, loves Meshuggah, and Jason [Klein], our bass player, loves death metal. So we managed to put all the different kinds of metal that we love into this album. It is so organic, and it sounds so good. We are getting tweets and Facebook messages all day long from our fans telling us how great it is. So besides what the critics say, what matters most is that we are proud of it and our fans are loving it.”

Goliath sold 3,300 copies during it’s first week of release, securing 107th place on the Billboard 200 music chart.

You can listen to Heidi’s conversation with Music Feeds in the clip below:

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