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Police Bastard - ConfinedOur Verdict: 4/5
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Police [puh-lees] noun ~ an organized civil force for maintaining order, preventing and detecting crime, and enforcing the laws.”

Bastard [bas-terd] noun ~ an illegitimate child; something irregular, inferior, spurious or unusual; a vicious, despicable person.”

The bastard son of the UK police? Hardly. Not unless that son is about to tear up the rule book and tear down all that their father created. You get the impression that Police Bastard would be happy to be the thorn in their side, however. The police and any other institution, group or individual who they see as threatening the natural liberty and freedom of all. Theistic religions, over-reliance on technology, governments and financial bodies; anyone and anything that curtails or impinges upon our essential human nature is a valid target for examination, criticism and, preferably, destruction on the group’s latest album, Confined.

Routinely referred to as a Crust Punk band, Police Bastard’s LP is, as you might expect, a delightfully abrasive affair. There are elements of old school hardcore punk, doom and thrash metal, and the occasional flourish reminiscent of their Birmingham hometown heroes, Black Sabbath. The recipe is intense, infectious and utterly brutal.

That’s not to say that there is no subtlety. Sound samples, quotes and changes in pace ensure that there is dynamism and variation enough to thrill and entertain, as well as inform. Of course the record won’t appeal to everyone. Some are likely to be downright offended. Well tough. Police Bastard probably don’t care, and in this age of riots, financial crises, political brinkmanship and fundamental religious fervour, their music and radical philosophical stance have never seemed more relevant.

Put it on. Turn it up. Tear it down.

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