Tim ‘Herb’ Alexander returns to Primus

Tim Herb Alexander

Tim ‘Herb’ Alexander, drummer with Primus, has returned to the band following heart surgery.

Alexander suffered a heart attack in July of this year and underwent emergency surgery during which his heart had to be stopped.

However, the sticksman was back in the drum stool at Primus’ show in Philadelphia last night. Primus announced the news via their Facebook page with a picture of the drummer and the message “Ladies and Gentleman… Herb is back!!!”

Primus released their latest album, Primus and The Chocolate Factory, this week. In a Willy Wonka inspired move, the band have hidden five golden tickets within copies of the album. Fans who find a lucky ticket in their LP will win free tickets to Primus gigs for life.

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Primus recruit Tool’s Danny Carey to fill the drum stool whilst Tim Alexander recovers from surgey

Danny Carey Drum Kit Shot

Primus have recruited Tool drummer Danny Carey as a temporary replacement whilst Tim Alexander recovers from open heart surgery.

Carey will play with the band at a handful of live shows in September, and at Riot Fest in Chicago and Denver. Alexander is expected to be well enough to occupy the stool once more sometime during October.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Pirums’ Les Claypool said: “The mighty Tim ‘Herb’ Alexander is a polyrhythmic viking of extreme and unique talent so the one person that we thought could step into his shoes and do it justice is the one and only Mr Danny Carey.”

“Whereas Herb is the stocky, Easter Island-faced, boulder of a drumming human, at nearer to seven feet, Danny Carey is the mighty redwood tree of percussion – towering over his kit like a golden-haired noble sequoia.”

“I can’t wait to see that menacing grin of Danny’s shine out as we pound our way through Here Come the Bastards and Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers. He’s a dear old friend and we are extremely excited to have him aboard, and I would wager we are equally if not more intrigued than most by what kind of sounds are going to come out of the three of us once we actually get in a room together and do more than just consume fancy booze.”

Claypool said that Primus chose to go through with the live shows in order to help give Alexander some financial relief whilst he recovers from his surgery. The Primus drummer suffered a minor heart attack a few weeks ago and had to undergo a triple heart bypass.

Claypool adds: “When Tim had a minor heart attack a few weeks back we were all startled. When he went in for an angioplasty the next morning and they said he needed a triple bypass we were all shocked. Tim is the ‘Ginseng drummer’ for a reason. He was always the non-meat eating, teetotaling, mastodon of a man who could throw a football over a mountain, chuck a curve ball at 89 miles per hour and could play his drums for hours on end without breaking a sweat, but unfortunately genetics and a taste for dessert have a way of catching up and kicking one’s balls.”

Primus are set to release their new album, Primus & The Chocolate Factory, on the 21st of October.

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Primus, Puscifer drummer suffers heart attack

Tim Herb Alexander

Tim “Herb” Alexander, drummer with both Primus and Puscifer, has suffered a heart attack.

It was confirmed in a statement that the sticksman is to undergo open heart surgery sometime in the next 48 hours.

Speaking via a short statement, Alexander’s Puscifer bandmates said: “Rough news – Tim suffered a heart attack. Global positive thoughts, por favour. We need our Herb the Ginseng Drummer aka Peter Merkin alive and thieving.”

Primus bandmate Les Claypool said: “Herb is a strong Herculean fellow, and we all expect him to be up and around in no time. But with all surgical endeavours we want to make sure he has the best energy working for him.

“So let’s all throw our coins in the nearest fountain, wish on the first star of the night, blow out the birthday cake candles with him in mind, pray to whichever deity seems appropriate and generally send good thoughts his way so we can soon experience the glory that is the magnificent percussive rhythm of the mighty Tim Alexander.”

Alexander began his third term playing with Primus last year and has appeared on seven of the band’s albums. He recorded alongside Maynard James Keenan in A Perfect Circle, playing on their Mer de Noms album, before recording parts for both of Keenan’s albums as part of Puscifer.

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