Interview: Bi:Lingual talk 2015 UK tour and head to “Pluto” in new video

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Fast rising UK rap-rockers Bi:Lingual have had one hell of a year. Summer 2014 saw the release of their superb single “Subject Number”, causing Skin Back Alley – and a large part of the UK population – to bounce off the walls with unbridled and frenetic joy.

Since then they’ve been vying for the title of hardest touring band in rock, delivering a series of hi-octane shows the length and breadth of the country, winning over the hearts and minds of swathes of new fans at an unrelenting pace.

And it doesn’t look like the guys will be easing up any time soon. With the announcement of a slew of new live dates for 2015, Skin Back Alley sat down with the band for a catch-up whilst they caught their breath.

SBA: It seems that you’ve been on the road non-stop since the release of your single “Subject Number” earlier in the year. Are you enjoying yourselves and how are you holding up?!

BL: “We’re having the time of our lives. The plan was to release ‘Subject Number’ and then finish the year playing wherever and whenever possible. We have stuck to that and it’s paid off massively for us.”

SBA: What have been the highlights of your gigs so far?

BL: “Every gig brings something new for us. There have been injuries, broken instruments, encores, encores of encores, fans playing our instruments, moshpits, crowd surfs, stage invasions and inflatable genitalia flying about recently. People have really started responding to our on stage antics and in turn our songs. Which, after 2 years of blasting the f**kers out, is a nice feeling and definitely a highlight of any gig.”

SBA: Which has been your favourite venue or town to play?

BL: “Favourite venue is a tricky one. Every band wants to play on big stages with lighting rigs and top quality sound systems, and we’ve been fortunate enough to do so. We’ve been equally fortunate to play on the floors of pubs with sound guys who take fag breaks throughout the whole of your set. Hometown shows in Middlesbrough and Manchester are always fun but Castleford has to be our favourite town, just for the sense of community between bands and fans. There are no egos and everybody just wants to have a super happy time.”

SBA: Which places have had the best crowds?

BL: “Again, Castleford would have to be number 1 on that list. You’re always just centimetres away from the crowd which means they’re just as into it as you are. Makeshift venue gigs like that always have the best crowds because everyone is involved.”

SBA: You’ve played with some other great bands from The North ™ in recent weeks such as Allusondrugs, what has that been like?

BL: “We love those guys and that’s mutual (we think). We’re all hoping we can carry over into the New Year and make some bigger plans with them. We’ve met some great bands and equally great humans on the road. We’re just gonna give you a list of bands everybody should be planning to see live, as soon as possible: Dead White Doves, Last Heart, Fizzy Blood, Yawning Dog, Mr Treacle, Narcs, The God Complex, Inlaze. Amongst many, many others.”

SBA: What’s next on the Bi:Lingual agenda as the festive season approaches?

BL: “We have a few gigs left in 2014. All great venues, with some of our favourite bands and good friends. The next couple of months will just be an ode to the incredible year of gigging we have had.”

SBA: And what’s 2015 looking like for you guys?

BL: “We’re currently finalising dates for our first Tour of 2015. Most of which we have just announced. We really want to focus on promoting ourselves as a ‘live band’, staying on the road and adding to that list of magical things that happen at Bi:Lingual gigs.”

Catch Bi:Lingual before the New Year on the following dates:
20th November – Thirsty Scholar, Manchester
21st November – Ku Bar, Stockton
27th November – Maguires Pizza Bar, Liverpool
12th December – Empire, Middlesbrough
21st December – Momo’s, Wakefield

Bi:Lingual have just announced their first Tour of 2015:
January 23rd – TBA, Middlesborough
January 24th – Dog & Parrot, Newcastle
January 27th – The Lomax, Liverpool
January 28th – TBA, Manchester
January 29th – Mulberry Tavern, Sheffield
January 30th – Players Bar, Wakefield
January 31st – Carpe Diem, Leeds
February 1st – The Parish, Huddersfield

Check out Bi:Lingual’s video for their track “Pluto” below:

Find Bi:Lingual across the web at the following places:
Facebook :
Twitter : @bilingualrshit
Instagram : bilingualareshit
YouTube :

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Nick Cave to perform live at Barbican documentary screening

Nick Cave 20000 Days On Earth Cap

Nick Cave will be performing live at the Barbican, London during the 17th September screening of documentary film 20,000 Days On Earth.

Fact reports that Cave will perform with bandmates Warren Ellis and Barry Adamson at the event, with the film’s directors, Ian Forsyth and Jane Pollard, participating in a Q&A session. The event will be broadcast live across 150 cinemas in the UK ahead of the film’s official release date of the 19th of September.

The film depicts 24hrs in the life of Cave, and won two awards at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Cave will also be appearing at screenings across North America, including Montreal on the 1st of August and New York on the 4th of August.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seed’s most recent studio album, Push The Sky Away, was released in February 2013.

You can watch the first official clip from 20,000 Days On Earth below:

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