Teenage Time Killers pen deal with Rise Records – see our exclusive photos!

LouReedMick  TTK @Studio606 Photo by TairrieBMurphy
John “Lou” Lousteau, Reed Mullin and Mick Murphy at Studio 606, Photo (C) Tairrie B. Murphy

Teenage Time Killers (YES kids, there is actually an “s” in the title!) have inked a deal with Rise Records to release their debut album.

Masterminded by core members Reed Mullin (Corrosion Of Conformity), Mick Murphy (My Ruin/The Birds Of Satan/Chevy Metal/Neanderthal) and John “Lou” Lousteau, Greatest Hits Vol.1 is expected to appear in early 2015.

The album was produced by John Lousteau and mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room. Mixing and the recording of all instrumental parts took place at Dave Grohl’s famed Studio 606 in Northridge, California on the legendary Neve mixing board which was the central focus of Grohl’s acclaimed documentary film Sound City: Real To Reel.

Teenage Time Killers is a supergroup of legendary men (and one woman) from the metal and hardcore scenes who, together and apart, contributed their considerable talents to creating what is sure to be one of the most anticipated albums of 2015.

Reed&Mick TTK@Studio606 Photo by TairrieBMurphy
Reed Mullin and Mick Murphy recording at Studio 606, Photo (C) Tairrie B. Murphy

If you’re not yet convinced (what’s wrong with you?!), check out the extraordinary and star studded list of guest artists below (in no particular order):

Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour)
Randy Blythe (Lamb of God)
Neil Fallon (Clutch)
Vic Bondi (Articles of Faith)
Phil Rind (Sacred Reich)
Jason Browning (Righteous Fool & HR)
Jim Rota (Fireball Ministry)
Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters/Nirvana)
Tommy Victor (Prong/Danzig)
Jello Biafra (Guantanamo School Of Medicine, Dead Kennedys)
Karl Agell (COC/King Hitter)
Clifford Dinsmore (BL’AST!)
Tairrie B. Murphy (My Ruin)
Pete Stahl (Scream/Goatsnake)
Greg Anderson (Goatsnake/Sunn O)
Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio)
Brian Baker (Minor Threat/Bad Religion)
Pat Hoed (Brujeria/Nip Drivers)
London May (Samhain/Danzig/Legacy/Tiger Army/Son Of Sam)
Mike Schafer (Blatant Disarray)
Aaron Beam (Red Fang)
Lee Ving (Fear)
Mike Dean (COC)
Woody Weatherman (COC)
Pat Smear (Foo Fighters/Nirvana/Germs)
Mike “IX” Williams (Eyehategod)
Nick Oliveri (Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age)
Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste/Iron Reagan)
Trenton Rogers (Chaotic Justice)
Johnny Weber (The Ghost Of Saturday Night)

It’s safe to say that here at Skin Back Alley we’re more than just a little excited to hear the results of this extraordinary project. Here’s to early 2015!

Mick Tairrie Reed Photo by John Lousteau
Mick Murphy, Tairrie B. Murphy and Reed Mullin at Studio 606, Photo (C) John “Lou” Lousteau

Greg John Mick Reed TTK@Studio606 Photo by TairrieBMurphy
Greg Anderson, John “Lou” Lousteau, Mick Murphy and Reed Mullin at Studio 606, Photo (C) Tairrie B. Murphy

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Corrosion Of Conformity begin work on new LP with Keenan

Pepper Keenan

Corrosion Of Conformity are to begin work with Pepper Keenan on “leftover” material from previous album sessions.

Speaking in interview with IndyWeek, COC drummer Reed Mullin confirmed that a series of old demo tapes featuring a number of unused riffs recorded with producer John Custer have turned up.

Says Mullin of the find: “Pepper and I were talking the other day, and we’ve got some riffs left over from that era that I never used for COC stuff, and he didn’t use for Down.

“They’ve just been sitting around from when we used to do demos at Jag Studios. He was, like, ‘Man, I found a couple cassettes. Remember those cassettes we used to do with Custer down at Jag?’

“He found a cache of some good riffage in his house down there in New Orleans that I guess he had packed away. And, for some reason, I can remember a lot of the riffs those guys write.There’s a song on the new COC album, the three-piece, and the music is music Pepper and I had jammed back in 1989, and I ended up just putting lyrics to it.

“It’s called Tarquinius Superbus, after the last Roman king. For some reason, I remember a lot of the stuff they do, so I’m kind of like an encyclopedia of a lot of their riffs.”

It was revealed earlier this year that Pepper Keenan would be returning to the Corrosion Of Conformity fold after a period away from the band working with Phil Anselmo’s Down. Mullin has now revealed that their first work as a four-piece unit will likely be live shows in March:

“I think the first shows that we’re going to do with the four-piece are going to be in March. Before then, I guess we’re going be working on the new album. Woody’s going to have a baby in April, so we’re going to take a little time off in there, and then get back to touring with Pepper.

“He’s taking time off from Down and he makes so much damn money doing Down, we’ve got to get him while we can get him. He’s really excited about it, and we’re awful excited to do it.”

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COC to reunite with Pepper Keenan


Corrosion Of Conformity will reunite with Pepper Keenan for a new album and tour in 2015, confirms Reed Mullin.

Keenan, currently a member of Down, last worked with COC in 2010, although has never officially left COC. Mullin, along with band members Woody Weatherman and Mike Dean, have made two albums without Keenan since then.

Speaking to Heavy Blog Is Heavy, Mullin said: “We’re getting together next year. We’ve done this three-piece enough to where we want to do something different. That’s probably going to happen close to the beginning of the year.”

“We’re vanning it around and doing it more old-school, like it was in the 80s,” he says. “But it’s still fun.” So much fun that Mullin has been on the road throughout the summer even though he’s waiting to undergo shoulder surgery. “I was like, ‘If I stay at home I’m just going to be hating life.’ Might as well be out here. Fuck it – it’s going to hurt either way.”

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Teenage Time Killers guest list grows

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard that Mick Murphy of My Ruin and Reed Mullin of Corrosion of Conformity fame have been working on a collaborative project titled Teenage Time Killers.

Further details have emerged over the past week, and the list of collaborators grows ever more intriguing.

In a recent interview with The Goddamn Dave Hill Show, Mullin revealed the names of an extensive group of artists who have made contributions to the album. They include:

Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Teenage Time Killer
Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl
Slipknot and Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor
Clutch’s Neil Fallon
Dead Kennedys’ Jello Biafra
Fear’s Lee Ving
Prong’s Tommy Victor
Mondo Generator’s Nick Oliveri
Red Fang’s Aaron Beam
Scream and Goatsnake’s Pete Stahl
Sunn O)))) and Goatsnake’s Greg Anderson
Ex Corrosion of Conformity’s Karl Agell
My Ruin’s Tairrie B. Murphy
Articles of Faith’s Vic Bondi
Clifford Dinsmore of BL’AST!
Brujeria’s Pat Hoed

That extraordinary list adds to the impressive group already confirmed, including Soulfly’s Max Cavalera and Black Flag’s Keith Morris.

If that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, frankly we don’t know what is. Perhaps the fact that the instrumentation for the album has been recorded at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 on the famous Sound City mixing board that was the subject of Grohl’s Sound City: Real to Reel documentary of last year? Right?!

It’s safe to say, we can’t wait for the project to see the light of day!

Mick Murphy releases new Neanderthal EP

Neanderthal HangtimeMick Murphy, best known as guitarist with My Ruin and Chevy Metal, has released a new EP under his Neanderthal moniker.

Titled Hangtime, the EP features 5 new tracks and a bonus ‘live in the studio’ recording.

Murphy started recording material in 2003 to provide an outlet for instrumental tracks that he was writing. The first LP under the resulting Neanderthal name, Start A Fire With Rock, was released in 2006.

To accompany the release is the new DIY video for opening track Booster, featuring vintage footage that Mick used as homage to the EP cover art.

A strong contender for the title of Busiest Man in Rock, Murphy has also released a new My Ruin album in 2013, The Sacred Mood, with wife and band mate Tairrie B, as well as touring extensively with Chevy Metal, the covers band started by Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters fame.

Murphy also hooked up with Reed Mullin this year, legendary drummer with Corrosion of Conformity, to record an album as Teenage Time Killers. The album will feature different metal, hardcore and punk vocalists and is due for release in 2014.

Murphy is also recording with Taylor Hawkins in his new prog-rock project, The Birds of Satan. An EP is set to be released in the very near future and features a 9 and a half minute song co-written by Hawkins, Dave Grohl and Murphy.

Preview and buy Neanderthal’s Hangtime EP here
Watch the video for opening track Booster here