The Beach Boys reform for 50th Anniversary

Al Jardine, guitarist and founding member of The Beach Boys, has announced to Rolling Stone that the band are to reform for a 50th anniversary show.

“We’re definitely doing at least one show, you heard it first,” Jardine said. “It’s a big deal. I don’t know where it will be yet, but it’ll probably be free.”

Confirming that the reformation would include Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston and possibly even David Marks, Jardine noted that he would love to take the band on an extensive tour.

“I want to see a 100-date anniversary tour. I want to go all around the world, but if this is the way it has to be, then so be it. We’re going to have to rehearse one hell of a show. My point is, if we’re going to rehearse and make this such a wonderful show, we should take it on the road.”