Threshold reveal “For The Journey” cover art and tracklist

Threshold For The Journey Cover Crop 640x360

Brit prog metal band Threshold have revealed the cover and tracklisting for their new album, For The Journey.

The album will be released on the 22nd of September with artwork having been designed by Polish surrealist artist Leszek Buinowski.

Keyboard player Richard West says: “For The Journey is one of our strongest albums and one of the most enjoyable to make. I’ve probably heard it a thousand times during the recording process but now that’s it’s over, I still can’t stop listening to it.”

The full tracklisting of For The Journey is:

“Watchtower on the Moon”
“The Box”
“Turned to Dust”
“Lost in your Memory”
“Autumn Red”
“The Mystery Show”
“Siren Sky”
“I Wish I Could” (only available on digipack, vinyl and download versions)
“Lost in your Memory (Acoustic Version)” (only available on vinyl and download versions)

The band’s last album was 2012’s March Of Progress.

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