The Defiled announce split saying their continuation has become ‘untenable’

The Defiled 2015

Industrial metal band The Defiled have announced that they are to split up.

In a statement via the band’s Facebook page, they say that their continuance has become “…logistcally (financially) untenable.”

The full statement reads:

“It is with heavy, blackened hearts, that we inform you that the time has come to lay The Defiled to rest. There is no drama or fallouts, but we have been forced to face the reality that the love of what we do is not enough to keep our black ship sailing; the continuation of The Defiled has become logistically (financially) untenable.

Thank you – you, our fans, have given us a life experience that we could have never dreamed of. From a grotty flat in north London, you have enabled us to reach places we’d previously only read or heard about, allowed us to grace stages all over the world, cheered for us at some of the worlds most prestigious festivals and granted us the opportunity to perform alongside some of our heroes. And we are in the Guinness Book Of World Records – WTF??!!

Seeing you singing our words back to us, hearing your stories on how our music has affected you, watching you lose your shit to the heavy bits and seeing the spontaneous outpouring of love when some of you linked arms and made a “circle of love” at our last London show has moved us in ways that are impossible to articulate, but just know; we love you for it.

This means we are forced to cancel our scheduled shows with In This Moment in May as well as the headline shows planned. We hate to let you down a second time in just a few months, but unfortunately this is unavoidable.
We know this is not good enough, and all of us deserve a proper send off for The Defiled. We are currently working out how to record some final songs for you, and if we can do a farewell tour before our Final Sleep.

Until then…

The Defiled
1888 – 2016.”

The Defiled were forced to cancel and then reschedule a series of tour dates supporting In This Moment earlier in the year owing to health issues on the part of In This Moment band members. It resulted in the rescheduling of a series of The Defiled’s own headline tour dates, too.

The Defiled were entered into the Guinness Book Of World Records after becoming the first band ever to play a gig on an iceberg in 2014.

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Cynic split over ‘insurmountable’ differences


Progressive metal band Cynic have announced that they have split.

They were due to return to the UK next month to play live shows in support of their most recent album, 2014’s Kindly Bent To Free Us, but all shows are now off.

Says drummer Sean Reinert: “Cynic is no longer an active band. Due to artistic and personal differences, the second chapter in the ‘Book Of Cynic’ has come to an end.

“I will say the last shows we played in Japan have left me with a positive charge, even though they were the last live performances with Paul, Sean Malone and I on the same stage.”

He adds: “My longstanding creative partnership with Paul, which started when we were very young kids, has simply endured so much friction that there is no way, from my perspective, that Cynic can be salvaged, repaired or kept afloat by any means.”

“There can be differing levels of conflicts or differences in opinions, musical directions, or perspectives. Sometimes these things are insurmountable, and no amount of time or effort can resolve them. This is the case with Cynic.”

Adding his apologies to European fans who had planned to see the band live this Autumn he says: “These things happen, unfortunately, to bands.”

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The Reasoning announce that they are to split

The Reasoning 2

Progressive rock band The Reasoning have announced that they are to split after 10 years together.

Rachel Cohen and her bandmates say that they are parting on amicable terms.

In a join statement issued via Facebook The Reasoning say: “We part in the knowledge that we have achieved many wonderful and great things as a band and as individuals but, the time has come to be honest and realise that as a musical group, we have explored as much as we can.

“Though we have enjoyed our journey with you immensely, we have also had occasions where it seemed so tough to carry on and as we approach the 3rd anniversary of the disappearance of our dear friend Owain, this seems like the right time to gently put the band to bed,” they add. Guitarist Owain Roberts disappeared in Cardigan, Wales almost exactly 3 years ago and has not been seen since.

Continue the band: “We want to thank all the bands, press and fans for the amazing loyalty, support and love. We have done many incredible things, been to many amazing places and played to so many amazing people. Our music lives on with you and in our hearts. This is not the last you will hear of us as musicians but I’m afraid, it is the last you will hear from us as a band. We are all parting on good terms and with firm friendships established. This is a decision we all feel is the best thing for the band and its musical legacy.

They sign off: “Be well, take care and we’ll all see you on the road sometime soon.”

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La Roux’s Ben Langmaid: “I’m truly saddened that it has ended this way.”


Ben Langmaid, former musical partner of La Roux’s Elly Jackson, has issued a statement about his departure from the band.

During the course of the making of new album Trouble In Paradise, Jackson and Langmaid parted ways, with Jackson saying “there wasn’t a great deal of understanding” between the two during the writing and recording process.

Langmaid has now responded in a statement published in this week’s NME.

“When we began writing again in 2011 the early ideas we had needed a lot of work,” he says. “We were on the same page and both wanted to improve on the first album. We were united in that. ‘Let Me Down Gently’ is one of my favourite tracks. I don’t remember having a problem with it. But I do remember asking our manager if we could start things with this song when we first played it to him two and a half years ago.”

“We’ve had creative differences in the past (what band hasn’t?) but we always got through them and usually the music benefits,” he continues. “I am truly saddened that it has ended this way, but I am immensely proud of what we achieved together. We wrote five great songs together, all of which are on the album. I’m looking forward to the record being a great success and I shall enjoy watching it unfold. I have immense pride in the part I played; no one can take that away from me.”

The statement details that Langmaid has co-written five of the nine songs on Trouble In Paradise, and has second-line production credits on a further two, including ‘Let Me Down Gently’.

The album is scheduled for release on the 7th of July.

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Stone Sour part ways with guitarist Jim Root

Stone_Sour 2014

Stone Sour have parted ways with guitarist Jim Root.

Root, who was a member of both Stone Sour and Slipknot along with Corey Taylor, let the news be known via his Instagram account. When asked by a fan whether a rumour was true that he wouldn’t be playing three summer shows with Stone Sour, Root’s reply was: “I’m not in that band anymore. Not my decision. Not happy about it.”

Following the Instagram exchange, Corey Taylor then posted a message on his Twitter account reading: “As some of you might have heard by now, Stone Sour and Jim Root have indeed parted ways. We were trying to wait until the completion of the SK album, but in light of recent events, we are going to confirm this information and then move on. We feel it’s best for both bands and hope that this is reflected in the days to come. We will give you more information when the time comes.”

Root and Taylor are still working together on the new Slipknot album. You can read a statement about the split on Stone Sour’s official Facebook page.

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