Deadlock drummer Tobias Graf dies at 35

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Former Deadlock drummer Tobias Graf has died at the age of 35.

Graf co-founded the melodic death metal group in 1997 and remained a member until April this year. He left the group citing a change in “life and priorities.”

Deadlock’s label, Lifeforce Records, have issued a statement saying: “Long-time dear friend Tobias has passed away. We can hardly express the sadness in our hearts. We wish his family all possible strength in these dark hours. Farwell Tobi – may you have a safe journey.”

The band released a double compilation album, The Re-Arrival, last month. Their last studio outing was 2012’s The Arsonist.

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Exodus speak out after fan jailed for posting lyrics

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Exodus’ guitarist Gary Holt has spoken out after a fan of the band was jailed for posting lyrics to one of their songs on Facebook.

James Evans, 31, will appear in court next week to answer a charge of ‘terrorist threatening’ after posting lyrics to the Exodus song “Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)” on his Facebook page.

He wrote: “Student bodies lying dead in the halls, a blood splattered treatise of hate. Class dismissed is my hypothesis, gun fire ends in debate.”

Police say that they and other law enforcement agencies were contacted following Evans’ post, and officers were sent to arrest him in Muhlenberg, Kentucky.

Evans’ sister Ashelynn says James often posts lyrics on Facebook, adding: “We couldn’t believe you could get in trouble for that.”

Holt says in a statement: “The idea that an individual in this great country of ours could be arrested for simply posting lyrics is something I never believed could happen in a free society.”

“Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer) was written as a view through the eyes of a madman, and in no way endorses that kind of fucked up behaviour.”

“As some of us in Exodus are parents, of course these things hit close to home. It’s every parent’s worst fear. These moments are the stuff of nightmares – and life, as well as music, isn’t always pretty.”

“But when we start to overreact to things like lyrics and start arresting people, we are caving in to paranoia and are well on our way to becoming an Orwellian society.”

The song was written in response to the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, in which 33 people were killed by Seung-Hui Cho. The band stopped playing it live for a time after 28 died during the Sandy Hook shootings in 2012 because they “did not want to seem insensitive.”

Evans is expected in court on Wednesday.

Exodus will release their 10th studio album, Blood In Blood Out, on the 13th of October.

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WATCH! Ill Nino release video for new song ‘Live Like There’s No Tomorrow’

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Ill Nino have released a video for their song “Live Like There’s No Tomorrow.” The track is taken from their new album, Till Death, La Familia, out now on Victory Records.

Speaking to, frontman Cristian Machado said that he thinks the song and album will surprise people: “I don’t think we’re the kind of band that releases the same album over and over. We always attempt to challenge ourselves musically in order to grow as artists and friends.”

“The new album will have its surprises and all I will say is that it is very catchy and very groove-oriented. The lyrics, I feel, are by far the best lyrics I’ve ever written, and I really do give the guys in the band so much credit for writing such amazing songs for this new album.”

You can watch the video below:

Ill Nino’s last album was 2012’s Epidemia.

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Rob Zombie expresses sorrow over shortened show

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Rob Zombie has released a statement apologising for his shortened set at Wisconsin’s Rock Fest last weekend.

Fans reacted angrily across the web after Zombie stopped his show and walked off after just two songs saying: “There’s no way I can do this. I’m sorry. It’s fucking bullshit, I know, but that’s what happens. What can we do? It’s my fault.”

In a more complete explanation, Zombie said via his new statement: “I’m very sorry to everyone who was at Rock Fest. Believe it or not, this is the first time in 29 years I have not been able to finish a show.”

“I understand people are pissed – but what can you do? It’s easy to say, ‘Man up and just do it,’ but when no sound is coming out there’s nothing you can do. If you’ve ever lost your voice you know it doesn’t magically return just because you want it to.”

“If there was a way to do the show I’d have done it, as I have many times before. I’ve done shows where I walked to the side of the stage between songs to vomit, I was so sick.”

The musician is adamant that he’s not looking for sympathy, but rather: “”As far as everyone yelling, ‘I’ve been a fan for 20 years and now I fucking hate you, you pussy rock star!’ What can I say? Shitty stuff happens sometimes. I tried explaining before I left the stage, but I could barely croak out a word.”

“We’re trying to figure out a time and place to make it up to everybody,” he continued. “I don’t take the fans for granted and I don’t take this situation lightly. My goal is to never let the fans down – but on that night I did. Unfortunately, I had no choice.”

Watch this space for future updates.

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Primus, Puscifer drummer suffers heart attack

Tim Herb Alexander

Tim “Herb” Alexander, drummer with both Primus and Puscifer, has suffered a heart attack.

It was confirmed in a statement that the sticksman is to undergo open heart surgery sometime in the next 48 hours.

Speaking via a short statement, Alexander’s Puscifer bandmates said: “Rough news – Tim suffered a heart attack. Global positive thoughts, por favour. We need our Herb the Ginseng Drummer aka Peter Merkin alive and thieving.”

Primus bandmate Les Claypool said: “Herb is a strong Herculean fellow, and we all expect him to be up and around in no time. But with all surgical endeavours we want to make sure he has the best energy working for him.

“So let’s all throw our coins in the nearest fountain, wish on the first star of the night, blow out the birthday cake candles with him in mind, pray to whichever deity seems appropriate and generally send good thoughts his way so we can soon experience the glory that is the magnificent percussive rhythm of the mighty Tim Alexander.”

Alexander began his third term playing with Primus last year and has appeared on seven of the band’s albums. He recorded alongside Maynard James Keenan in A Perfect Circle, playing on their Mer de Noms album, before recording parts for both of Keenan’s albums as part of Puscifer.

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