New music releases, 6th April 2015

Here are the new and notable music releases for this week, 6th April 2015:

Turbowolf Two Hands cover
Two Hands, Turbowolf

Future Hearts, All Time Low
No Pier Pressure, Brian Wilson
Bad Company (Deluxe Edition), Bad Company
Straight Shooter (Deluxe Edition), Bad Company
Undertow, Drenge
Stillness In Motion: Vai Live in LA, Steve Vai
The Embers Of Time, Josh Rouse
Ivy Tripp, Waxahatchee
Dope Machines, The Airborne Toxic Event
Crooked Doors, Royal Thunder
The American Dream Died, Agnostic Front
Disguises, Jettblack
Introducing Cale Tyson, Cale Tyson
Black Clouds, Grant Nicholas
Confuse and Conquer, Poison Idea
Yellow Leader, UK Subs
Obscura, Gorguts
Painlust, Sewer Goddess

All of the above are available via the Skin Back Alley Music store now.

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80 days to ahhh

Steve Vai to release new live album in April

Steve Vai

Steve Vai has revealed that he will release a new album on the 7th of April, Stillness In Motion – Vai Live in LA.

The news comes on the back of Vai signing a new multi-album deal with with Sony Music Entertainment and Legacy Recordings.

The live show was recorded on October the 12th 2012 as part of the guitarist’s Story Of Light world tour and the album package will also feature a three and a half hour video diary recorded during the two year undertaking.

Says Vai: “To say that this tour was a powerful life experience would be like saying the sun is hot.”

Following the release, Vai is then set to launch his new studio album, described as “a significant next chapter in the musician’s growing canon.”

The full tracklisting for Stillness In Motion – Vai Live in LA is:

Stillness In Motion - Vai Live in LA coverDISC1
01. “Intro/Racing The World”
02. “Velorum”
03. “Band Intros”
04. “Building The Church”
05. “Tender Surrender”
06. “Gravity Storm”
07. “Weeping China Doll”
08. “John The Revelator”
09. “The Moon And I”
10. “The Animal”
11. “Whispering A Prayer”

01. “The Audience Is Listening”
02. “Rescue Me Or Bury Me”
03. “Sisters”
04. “Treasure Island”
05. “Salamanders In the Sun”
06. “Pusa Road”
07. “Frank”
08. “The Ultra Zone (CD Version)”
09. “Build Me A Song L.A.”
10. “For The Love Of God”
11. “Taurus Bulba”

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