Floor Jansen: Nightwish album was a challenge

Floor Jansen - Nightwish

In their latest studio update, Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen has admitted that she has found recording the band’s new album a challenge.

The group are currently working on the follow up to their 2011 LP Imaginaerum. The new album will be the first with Jansen on vocal duties after she replaced Anette Olzon in 2012. Keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen and bassist Marco Hietala have really pushed her, she says:

“Tuomas challenged me to use everything I had to offer: high, low and soft – but definitely the lower stuff. It’s something I haven’t explored much and he wrote parts where I had to use this completely.”

“I’m very proud of it and happy I could do it this way because it’s the first time I’m singing on an album I didn’t write myself, so Tuomas and Marco wrote things that really challenged me.”

As the band move on to mixing the finished songs, Holopainen says that they are now ahead of schedule: “This session has been unbelievably smooth – we’re actually ahead of our schedule. Incredibly, Floor has sung about two songs a day, Marco cut the final bass parts in one and a half days, and Emppu did the rhythm guitars in a week.”

“I think it’s because everything was so well rehearsed and we tried to work more like a band.”

The new LP is scheduled for release via Nuclear Blast next summer.

Watch the full studio update below:

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Watch! Steven Wilson sends studio update and confirms album release

Steven Wilson at AIR Studios

Porcupine Tree mainman and solo musician Steven Wilson has released a new update from his current studio recording sessions.

In the video clip Wilson confirms that his new solo album will be released in February 2015 and discusses the concept behind the record. You can also hear several new audio samples from the recording sessions throughout.

Says Wilson: “The seed was seeing the documentary Dream Of A Life. It’s about this woman called Joyce Carol Vincent who was found dead in her London apartment and she’d been there for three years.”

“What’s really interesting about this story is that your initial reaction is it’s a little old bag lady that no one cares about. She wasn’t. She was young, she was popular, she was attractive, she had many friends, she had family but for whatever reason, nobody missed her.”

“There was something about that that had so much pathos and so much to say about what it is to be living in the city in the 21st century.”

Wilson also confirms that the album is written from a female perspective, with two tracks in the first person. As such he’s collaborated with a female vocalist on the work:

“There’s a couple of songs where I’m effectively duetting with a fantastic singer called Ninette. She’s providing the female voice on this record and some of the tracks are written completely in the first person: ‘Routine’ and ‘Happy Returns’.”

Watch Wilson’s update from AIR Studios below:

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New Nightwish album will startle fans says Donockley

Troy Donockley Nightwish FB Photo

Troy Donockley has claimed that some of the music on Nightwish’s new album will startle fans of the band.

The Finnish group are currently in the studio recording the follow up to their last album Imaginaerum. The new LP will be the first to feature Donockley and new vocalist Floor Jansen as full time members.

Speaking in Nightwish’s latest studio update, Donockley says: “Tuomas writes really challenging parts, especially for the pipes. It’s always nice to push the boundaries.”

“It’s progressive in its outlook. It’s a lot different to Imaginaerum, although it’s still absolutely Nightwish. There’s probably some parts that will startle people – but it’s not going to be cheesy. It sticks to its roots.”

The new album is expected to be released in 2015 and you can watch the full studio update video below:

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The Agonist praise producer Chris Donaldson

The Agonist 2014 Promo

The Agonist have been speaking in praise of their producer Chris Donaldson.

In a new studio update, the band’s drummer Simon McKay says: “The good thing about working with Chris is that he’s really calm. If you hit a bump and it’s not working, he’ll just let you work it out. There’s not much you can do other than hammer out the kinks at that point – he’ll tell you if it’s not good.”

Says guitarist Danny Marino: “We see eye to eye on some things and we don’t see eye to eye on other things when it comes to recording production,” he says. “It’s good because sometimes you need someone to tell you ‘no’ and that you should maybe consider other ideas. The end result is a really good balance of his way of doing things and ours.”

Donaldson was in the production seat for The Agonist’s first three albums, and has returned for this album, Eye Of Providence, the band’s first with new vocalist Vicky Psarakis. Previous vocalist Alissa White-Gluz left The Agonist early this year to join Arch Enemy.

You can watch the latest studio update in full below:

The Agonist are currently on tour, and will play:

11th of Aug: The Face Bar, Reading, UK
12th of Aug: The Robin, Bilston, UK
14th of Aug: Metal Frenzy Festival, Germany
15th of Aug: Summer Breeze Festival, Germany
16th of Aug: Rockstadt Extreme Festival, Romania
30th of Aug: Beaverfest, Canada
6th of Oct: Umeda Club Quattro, Osaka, Japan
7th of Oct: Nagoya Club Quattro, Nagoya, Japan
9th of Oct: Shibuya Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan
18th of Oct: Circo Volador, Mexico

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