New music releases, 26th January 2015

Here are the new and notable releases for this week, 26th January 2015:

Layout 1
From The Very Depths, Venom

Modern Nature, The Charlatans
F.E.A.R., Papa Roach
Matador, Gaz Coombes
Juggernaut Alpha/Juggernaut Omega, Periphery
Easy Meat, Napalm Death
Only To Rise, Sweet & Lynch
Songs People Actually Liked, Bowling For Soup
Shanghaied, Ammunition
Empire Of Sin, Impera
Opus Aethereum, Ethereal
The Revenant King, Visigoth

All of the above – and many more! – are available from the Skin Back Alley Music Store.

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Sweet & Lynch detail debut album “Only To Rise”

Sweet & Lynch Logo

Michael Sweet and George Lynch – ex-members of Stryper and Dokken – have revealed details of their debut album as Sweet & Lynch.

Titled Only To Rise, the album will be released on the 27th of January via Frontiers Music and will feature Brian Tichy on drums and James Lomenzo on bass. Tichy and Lomenzo have worked together before as part of Zakk Wylde’s 1994 Pride & Glory project.

Says Sweet: “When you make an album you hope there are those two or three tracks people gravitate to and everyone is in agreement over – and that’s what happened with this album.

“When I sent George all the songs he said to me, ‘That song Dying Rose is a smash that could cross all boundaries.’ Everybody seemed to really like it.”

Adds Lynch: “I was just messing around with my Telecaster and I came up with this rock countryesque riff and Michael just put the most beautiful melody to it with a huge hook. It’s very Nashville in a way but it’s an emotional song too. It’s one of those songs you can’t just listen to once, you have to keep listening to it over and over. It’s so catchy.”

The full tracklist for Only To Rise is as follows:

sweetlynchonlytorisecd01. “The Wish”
02. “Dying Rose”
03. “Love Stays”
04. “Time Will Tell”
05. “Rescue Me”
06. “Me Without You”
07. “Recover”
08. “Divine”
09. “September”
10. “Strength In Numbers”
11. “Hero-Zero”
12. “Only To Rise”

The duo have also released a two track album teaser that you can watch below:

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Brian Tichy set to play on Chris Caffrey solo LP

Photo (C) Natal Drums

Brian Tichy, former drummer with Whitesnake, is set to appear on guitarist Chris Caffrey’s forthcoming solo album.

Tichy left Whitesnake last year, citing that he wanted to spend more time on his new project with singer Sass Jordan, Something Unto Nothing.

Says Caffrey of the announcement: “Brian is currently sending me drum tracks for five songs that I will release on my next solo record in 2015. I won’t be able to finish until after the Trans-Siberian Orchestra tour is finished, but I’m hoping to do some tracking on the days off. Lots of great musicians will be around me too, so perhaps I will steal some of them for appearances on these tunes!”

The new album will be Caffrey’s fifth solo effort. “I still haven’t decided exactly what I want to call the record. I had ideas, but I keep changing my mind as the newer songs develop! The album will most likely have 12 songs and I am considering an instrumental or two as well,” he adds.

Meanwhile, in addition to his work with Caffrey, Tichy has also confirmed that he is a member of Sweet Lynch alongside Michael Sweet of Stryper, George Lynch of Lynch Mob and James Lomenzo, formerly of Megadeth. Lomenzo was also a bandmate of Tichy’s when the two played together as part of Pride & Glory with guitarist and frontman Zakk Wylde in the mid 90s.

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