Blues Pills reveal cover art for new album ‘Lady In Gold’

Blues Pills - John McMurtrie
Photo: John McMurtrie

Blues Pills have shared the cover art for their forthcoming album, Lady In Gold.

The band announced their second studio LP last month and have now confirmed it will be released on the 5th of August via Nuclear Blast.

Says Blues Pills bassist Zach Anderson: “The design comes from the dutch artist Marijke Koger-Dunham who already worked with us for the first album cover.

“We are super proud to have the opportunity to work again with such a legendary artist who has worked with the Beatles, Cream and many more. The original design was made by her 50 years ago. We worked together to adapt the colours to fit the mood of the album. Hopefully our fans will like it as much as we do.”

Blues Pills - Lady In Gold cover

The full track list for Lady In Gold is:

01. “Lady In Gold”
02. “Little Boy Preacher”
03. “Burned Out”
04. “I Felt A Change”
05. “Gone So Long”
06. “Bad Talkers”
07. “You Gotta Try”
08. “Won’t Go Back”
09. “Rejection”
10. “Elements And Things”

Blues Pills are set to play the following tour dates:

Jun 23rd: Halden Tons Of Rock, Norway
Jun 24th: Neuhusen Southside Festival, Germany
Jun 25th: Scheessel Hurricane Festival, Germany
Jun 30th: Roskilde Festival, Denmark
Jul 01st: Norrkoping Bravalla Festival, Sweden
Jul 02nd: Skanevik Blues Festival, Norway
Jul 07th: Borlange Peace & Love, Sweden
Jul 08th: Suwalki Blues Festival, Poland
Jul 12th: Heidelberg Halle 02, Germany
Jul 13th: Salzburg Rockhouse, Austria
Jul 15th: Obertraubling Airport, Germany
Jul 16th: Bludenz Woodrock, Austria
Jul 17th: Augsburg Musikkantine, Germany
Jul 19th: Colmar Grillen, France
Jul 20th: Worpswede Music Hall, Germany
Jul 23rd: Abertillery Steelhouse Festival, UK
Jul 26th: Siegburg Kubana, Germany
Jul 28th: Breitenbach Am Herzberg Burg Herzberg Festival, Germany
Jul 30th: St Goarshausen Loreley, Germany
Jul 31st: Mosbach Elzpark, Germany
Aug 12th: Bildein Picture On Festival, Austria
Aug 17th: Hasselt Kiewit, Belgium
Aug 18th: Hasselt Pukkelpop, Belgium
Aug 19th: Torgau Kulturbastion, Germany
Aug 20th: Wilburgstetten Summer Breeze Festival, Germany
Nov 11th: Wangels Metal Hammer Paradise, Germany

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Knifeworld share tracklist for new album ‘Bottled Out Of Eden’

Knifeworld 2016

Knifeworld have shared the tracklist for their forthcoming new album, Bottled Out Of Eden.

The new LP is scheduled for release on the 22nd of April via InsideOut Music.

Sasys frontman Kavus Torabi: “One aspect of Bottled Out Of Eden is the idea of a self-made heaven or a self-imposed hell, that agony or ecstasy are often a choice.

“I look back on the 25 years of making the kind of music I do, particularly the last six with Knifeworld and just feel so fortunate for the friendships, experiences and absolute joy it has brought.

“I wanted the album to be as much about that, a celebration of this all too fleeting life, as it is a reflection on death and its impact on those left behind in its wake.”

The tracklist for Bottled Out Of Eden is:

01. “High / Aflame”
02. “The Germ Inside”
03. “I am Lost”
04. “The Deathless”
05. “Foul temple”
06. “Vision Of The Bent Path”
07. “I Must Set Fire To Your Portrait”
08. “Lowered Into Necromancy”
09. “A Dream About A Dream”
10. “Secret Words”
11. “Feel The Sorcery”

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Def Leppard reveal track list and cover art for new LP


Def Leppard have shared the track list and cover art for their eponymous new album.

The follow-up to 2008 LP Songs From The Sparkle Lounge is due for release on the 30th of November and was written over an 18-month period.

The song titles were revealed by frontman Joe Elliot via Instagram when he posted a picture of a hand-written note detailing the name of each track.

Guitarist Phil Collen recently described the new album as “probably the most diverse thing we’ve ever done,” adding: “I think it’s the best thing we’ve done since Hysteria – I really do. It’s the loudest rock guitars we’ve ever had.”

Def Leppard are set to tour the UK in December on a bill with Whitesnake and Black Star Riders.

The track list for Def Leppard is:

Def Leppard 2015 cover01. “Let’s Go”
02. “Dangerous”
03. “Man Enough”
04. “We Belong”
05. “Invincible”
06. “Sea Of Love”
07. “Energized”
08. “All Time High”
09. “Battle Of My Own”
10. “Broke ‘N’ Brokenhearted”
11. “Forever Young”
12. “Last Dance”
13. “Wings Of An Angel”
14. “Blind Faith”

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Lamb Of God reveal track list for new album ‘VII: Sturm Und Drang’

Lamb Of God 2015

Lamb Of God have shared the track list for their new album VII: Sturm Und Drang.

The 10 tracks are due for release on the band’s 7th studio LP, scheduled for release on the 24th of July via Nuclear Blast.

“I didn’t set out to write this record about my perception of how people handle difficulties – but as I was writing, it started coming to me,” says frontman Randy Blythe.

“It’s been a stressful fucking time for my band, the last few years. Hard times make for good metal.”

Lead track “Still Echoes” was released with a lyric video last month and you can check it out below. Lamb Of God will be playing a set at next weekend’s Download festival as part of a series of European tour dates.

The full track list for VII: Sturm Und Drang is:

Lamb Of God - Sturm Und Drang cover01. “Still Echoes”
02. “Erase This”
03. “512”
04. “Embers”
06. “Overlord”
07. “Anthropoid”
08. “Engage The Fear Machine”
09. “Delusion Pandemic”
10. “Torches”

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Steve Vai to release new live album in April

Steve Vai

Steve Vai has revealed that he will release a new album on the 7th of April, Stillness In Motion – Vai Live in LA.

The news comes on the back of Vai signing a new multi-album deal with with Sony Music Entertainment and Legacy Recordings.

The live show was recorded on October the 12th 2012 as part of the guitarist’s Story Of Light world tour and the album package will also feature a three and a half hour video diary recorded during the two year undertaking.

Says Vai: “To say that this tour was a powerful life experience would be like saying the sun is hot.”

Following the release, Vai is then set to launch his new studio album, described as “a significant next chapter in the musician’s growing canon.”

The full tracklisting for Stillness In Motion – Vai Live in LA is:

Stillness In Motion - Vai Live in LA coverDISC1
01. “Intro/Racing The World”
02. “Velorum”
03. “Band Intros”
04. “Building The Church”
05. “Tender Surrender”
06. “Gravity Storm”
07. “Weeping China Doll”
08. “John The Revelator”
09. “The Moon And I”
10. “The Animal”
11. “Whispering A Prayer”

01. “The Audience Is Listening”
02. “Rescue Me Or Bury Me”
03. “Sisters”
04. “Treasure Island”
05. “Salamanders In the Sun”
06. “Pusa Road”
07. “Frank”
08. “The Ultra Zone (CD Version)”
09. “Build Me A Song L.A.”
10. “For The Love Of God”
11. “Taurus Bulba”

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