Twisted Sister to take final bow in 2016

"FOX & Friends" All American Concert Series - Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister are reportedly planning a farewell tour for 2016.

According to TMZ the rock legends have confirmed that they will head out on the road for their final world tour next year. The shows have been subtly titled Forty And Fuck It.

Guitarist Jay Jay French had suggested that the band’s future was in doubt following the death of drummer AJ Pero last month. Mike Portnoy is expected to occupy the drum stool for the 2016 dates.

Twisted Sister announced earlier this week that they will be holding a tribute night in memory of Pero at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey on the 13th of June.

Further details of all shows will follow in due course.

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80 days to ahhh

Watch! Twisted Sister documentary trailer released

Group Portrait Of Twisted Sister
Photo (C) Fin Costello/Redferns

Filmmaker Andrew Horn has released a trailer for his documentary film, We Are Twisted Fucking Sister.

Speaking of the film, director Horn said: “Twisted were the Grand Funk of glam and the New York Dolls of metal – channeling youthful fury and a wicked sense of humour into blue-collar performance art, attracting audiences of up to 2-5000 a night. It was both a great living and a dead end, offering no future outside the suburban enclave.”

“If you think you know them from their hit songs, the MTV videos and massive stadium shows, this is the untold story of how they became that band. It’s about rock’n’roll and the business of rock’n’roll. It’s about perseverance and things blowing up in your face. It’s about finding yourself, finding your audience and doing literally anything, however wild, to connect with them. A mesmerising, story of a 10-year odyssey to overnight success.”

The film was made following a successful IndieGoGo crowdsource campaign in 2013, and Dee Snider, frontman of the band, seems very proud of the documentary. Speaking about its production, he said: “This is independently done, which is the way a documentary of this kind should be. It’s for people who are original fans, hardcore fans, true fans — or want to know more about this band.”

An official release date for the film is yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer below:

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Ginger Wildheart: “I’m surprised anyone gives a f**k who I am!”

Ginger Wildheart
Photo: Getty Images

The Wildhearts mainman Ginger has been speaking to Team Rock Radio at this weekend’s Download festival.

Ahead of two appearances at the Castle Donnington metal fest, Ginger declared that Motorhead’s Lemmy was his icon, and that he’s only still alive because Lemmy is too.

“I’ll never get used to Lemmy saying hello before I do. That’s the best thing of being the part of this little fraternity of ours,” he said. “And the fact that I’m still alive – that was never part of the deal. I was going to go around 25 or 30; I’m 49 fucking years old.”

“How did that happen? Because Lemmy is my icon, and he did it. If my icon was someone like Sid Vicious or Johnny Thunders I’d already be dead. But my icon is better than your icon. Lemmy’s a good icon to have – he’s indestructible.”

Something of a rock n’ roll icon himself these days, Ginger also admitted that he’s still surprised when he meets his music heroes and they know who he is: “I had a tweet from Dee Snider mentioning me. He said, ‘I’m going to be backstage getting ready to go on, but I’ll be singing every word of My Baby Is A Headfuck.’ I was thinking, ‘Wow, that’s another part of my bedroom wall come to life – referencing a song I’ve written.”

“I walked by the guys in Status Quo and they said hello; I didn’t have to introduce myself. I’m still surprised that anyone knows or gives a fuck who I am.”

You can listen to Ginger’s interview with Team Rock Radio below:

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