Aaron Lee Tasjan announces new album Karma For Cheap and shares new track If Not Now When

Photo: Curtis Wayne Millard

Aaron Lee Tasjan has shared details of his new album. Karma For Cheap will be released on the 31st of August via New West Records.

Co-produced by Tasjan, Jeff Trott (Sheryl Crow) and Gregory Lattimer (Albert Hammond Jr.), the new collection features Tasjan’s road band – guitarist Brian Wright, bassist Tommy Scifres, and drummer Seth Earnest – and delivers a more power-pop, psych-tinged sound than previous release Silver Tears.

“I needed this album to have a sense of adventure and mystery, to feel a little shaky and dangerous at times – something that wasn’t the obvious choice in terms of what people already like about what I do,” says Tasjan.

“I’ve come to realize that I’m a searcher, which means I’m going to be searching forever.”

In addition Tasjan has shared “If Not Now When,” the lead track from the new LP. You can listen to it below.

“The sound of the new record is a little more rough and ready, more raw than anything I’ve done before,” Tasjan says. “Seems like a good time for it. We’re living in a pretty raw feed right now, and a lot of these new songs reflect that. There are a lot of people out there carrying the burden of this weird, twisted world we’re living in at the moment on their shoulders. So I tried to write a record that offers some comfort, encouragement and hope to those people, as much as it’s possible to be hopeful right now.”

Karma For Cheap tracklist:

01. If Not Now When
02. The Truth Is So Hard To Believe
03. The Rest Is Yet To Come
04. Heart Slows Down
05. End Of The Day
06. Dream Dreamer
07. Strange Shadows
08. Set You Free
09. Crawling At Your Feet
10. Song Bird

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Watch videos for three songs from Low’s new album, Double Negative

Photo: Shelly Mosman

Low have announced that their new album, Double Negative, will be released via Sub Pop on the 14th of September.

They’ve released a ‘video triptych’ for new tracks “Quorum”, “Dancing And Blood” and “Fly” that you can watch below.

Double Negative was produced by BJ Burton at Justin Vernon’s April Base studio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Low will play two shows in the UK next week before returning in October.

Jun 19th: Leeds, United Kingdom – Brudenell Social
Jun 20th: London, United Kingdom – Queen Elizabeth Hall (Robert Smith’s Meltdown Festival)
Oct 15th: Bristol, UK – Trinity
Oct 16th: Manchester, UK – Manchester Cathedral
Oct 17th: Dublin, IE – Vicar Street

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La Bête Blooms deliver rallying cry on new single ‘Take Arms’

Photos: Hollie Rosa Warren

Hull-based five-piece La Bête Blooms have shared their new single.

“Take Arms” acts as a rallying cry for the dispossessed, charging in on a wave of fuzzy, pulsing synths and warped, off-kilter guitar.

Skewering every-day stereotypes and lazy generalisations with pent-up energy and caustic wit, the band offer up solidarity and solace for “…all the northerners pretending to be southern, for all the business class still living with their mothers.”

“This song is for everyone. The rich, the poor, the north and south, one big messy family going down swinging”, say the band.

Check out “Take Arms” via the video stream below. The song is released today via The Adult Teeth Recording Company and is available on streaming services worldwide.

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Skin Back Alley’s Top Albums of 2017

2017 has certainly been a landmark year, hasn’t it. Generation X, the Jilted Generation, Millenials, Gen-Z; call us what you will, but we’ve never seen times quite like these.

If you follow Skin Back Alley you will likely have noticed that things have been quieter than usual round here of late, as global events and personal circumstances have conspired to keep me away from writing about music.

The irony is, of course, that I, like you, have never found music to be more necessary, more vital, more able to help me navigate the state of the world today.

2017 has provided an embarrassment of riches when it comes to incredible new music, and below you’ll be able to find the 150 releases that Skin Back Alley judges to be the best of the last 12 months.

“150 albums?” you say. Absolutely. Whilst the selections featured here may not all be considered canonical classics in 10 years time, they are absolutely worthy of your ears. Given the amount of new music available to us all today, anything less than 150 selections felt like it would be cheating.

Take a look. Please take a listen. I hope that you’ll find a new album to love among the choices. Of course, please also let me know of your favourite releases of the year and those albums that you feel might have got away from me. I’m always open to hearing more wondrous music.

So, without further delay…

150. Lavender Child – Reflections
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/2LavenderChild
Twitter: twitter.com/_lavenderchild_
Instagram: instagram.com/_lavenderchild_

149. Forest Swords – Compassion
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/forestswords
Twitter: twitter.com/ForestSwords
Instagram: instagram.com/forestswords

148. Visible Cloaks – Reassemblage
Listen at: Bandcamp
Web: visiblecloaks.com
Twitter: twitter.com/visiblecloaks
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/visiblecloaks

147. Holy Boy – Holy Boy
Listen at: Apple Music
Facebook: facebook.com/holyboyaudio
Twitter: twitter.com/holyboy_audio
Instagram: instagram.com/holyboyaudio

146. Lando Chill – The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/lando.chill
Twitter: twitter.com/lando_chill
Instagram: instagram.com/lando_chill

145. Rose Elinor Dougall – Stellular
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/roseelinordougall
Twitter: twitter.com/RoseDougall
Instagram: instagram.com/roseelinor

144. Sheer Mag – Need To Feel Your Love
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/Sheer-Mag
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/SheerMag
Wilsuns Recording Co: wilsunsrc.bigcartel.com

143. Aye Nako – Silver Haze
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/ayedontnako
Twitter: twitter.com/aye_nako
Instagram: instagram.com/aye_nako

142. Vigil Of War – Bite The Bullet
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/vigilofwar
Twitter: twitter.com/Vigilofwarband
Instagram: instagram.com/vigilofwar

141. Jane Weaver – Modern Kosmology
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/janeweavermusic
Twitter: twitter.com/JanelWeaver
Instagram: instagram.com/janeweavermusic

140. Slowdive – Slowdive
Listen at: slowdiveofficial.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Slowdive
Twitter: twitter.com/slowdiveband
Instagram: instagram.com/slowdiveofficial

139. Milo – Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?!
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/modestmilo
Twitter: twitter.com/yomilo
Instagram: instagram.com/roryfarted

138. Photay – Onism
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/pphotayy
Twitter: twitter.com/photayy
Instagram: instagram.com/photay

137. Alesssandro Cortini – AVANTI
Listen at: Spotify
Twitter: twitter.com/blindoldfreak
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/alessandrocortini
Point of Departure Records: podrc.tmstor.es

136. Japanese Breakfast – Soft Sounds From Another Planet
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/japanesebreakfast
Twitter: twitter.com/Jbrekkie
Instagram: instagram.com/jbrekkie

135. Giants In The Trees – Giants In The Trees
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/giantsinthetrees
Twitter: twitter.com/InGiants
Apple Music: itunes.apple.com/album/giantsinthetrees

134. Madeline Kenney – Night Night At The First Landing
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/mkenneymusic
Twitter: twitter.com/mkenneymusic
Instagram: instagram.com/mkenneymusic

133. The Juju Exchange – Exchange
Listen at: Soundcloud
Facebook: facebook.com/thejujuexchange
Twitter: twitter.com/thejujuexchange
Instagram: instagram.com/thejujuexchange

132. Martyn Heyne – Electric Intervals
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/everynoteisapillow
Twitter: twitter.com/martynheyne
Instagram: instagram.com/martyn_heyne

131. Austra – Future Politics
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/austraofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/austratalks
Instagram: instagram.com/austraaa

130. Carmen Villain – Infinite Avenue
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/carmenvillain
Twitter: twitter.com/CarmenVillain
Instagram: instagram.com/carmenvillain

129. White Reaper – The World’s Best American Band
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/whitereaperusa
Twitter: twitter.com/WhiteReaperUSA
Instagram: instagram.com/whitereaperusa

128. M-Dot – Ego And The Enemy
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/MDotBoston
Twitter: twitter.com/MDotBoston
Instagram: instagram.com/mdotboston

127. Colter Wall – Colter Wall
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/colterwallmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/ColterWall
Instagram: instagram.com/colterwall

126. The Horrors – V
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/horrorsofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/horrorsofficial
Instagram: instagram.com/thehorrors

125. Jade Jackson – Gilded
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/jadejacksonband
Twitter: twitter.com/jadejacksonband
Instagram: instagram.com/jadejacksonband

124. Chirpy – Real Life
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/chirpymusic
Twitter: twitter.com/chirpymusic
Instagram: instagram.com/chirpymusic

123. Jen Cloher – Jen Cloher
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/JenCloherOfficial
Twitter: twitter.com/jencloher
Instagram: instagram.com/jencloher

122. Ore – Belatedly
Listen at: Bandcamp
Twitter: twitter.com/OREtubadoom
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/oretubadoom
Web: oretubadoom.com

121. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Async
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/ryuichisakamoto
Twitter: twitter.com/ryuichisakamoto
Instagram: instagram.com/skmtgram

120. Hidden Orchestra – Dawn Chorus
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/HiddenOrchestra
Twitter: twitter.com/HiddenOrchestra
Instagram: hiddenorchestra.com/instagram

119. Katie Ellen – Cowgirl Blues
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/katiebandellen
Twitter: twitter.com/katiebandellen
Instagram: instagram.com/katiebandellen

118. Tove Lo – Blue Lips (Lady Wood Phase II)
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/tovelo
Twitter: twitter.com/ToveLo
Instagram: instagram.com/tovelo

117. Torres – Three Futures
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/TORRESMUSICOFFICIAL
Twitter: twitter.com/torreslovesyou
Instagram: instagram.com/torreslovesyou

116. Katy Perry – Witness
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/katyperry
Twitter: twitter.com/katyperry
Instagram: instagram.com/katyperry

115. Special Request – Belief System
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/SpecialRequest187
Twitter: twitter.com/PaulWoolford
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/paulwoolford

114. John Moreland – Big Bad Luv
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/johnmorelandOK
Twitter: twitter.com/JohnMorelandOK
Instagram: instagram.com/johnmoreland

113. EERA – Reflection Of Youth
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/eeramusic
Twitter: twitter.com/EERAmusic
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/eeramusic

112. Courtney Farren – Nothing Like It
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/courtneyfarrenmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/CourtneyFarren
Instagram: instagram.com/courtneyfarrenmusic

111. William Matheny – Strange Constellations
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/TheWilliamMatheny
Twitter: twitter.com/William_Matheny
Instagram: instagram.com/william_matheny

110. Anna Ternheim – All The Way To Rio
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/annaternheim
Twitter: twitter.com/AnnaTernheim
Instagram: instagram.com/annaternheim

109. Jesca Hoop – Memories Are Now
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/JescaHoopMusic
Twitter: twitter.com/JescaHoop
Instagram: instagram.com/jescahoopster

108. Halsey – Hopeless Fountain Kingdom
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/HalseyMusic
Twitter: twitter.com/halsey
Instagram: instagram.com/iamhalsey

107. Charly Bliss – Guppy
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/CharlyBliss
Twitter: twitter.com/charly_bliss
Instagram: instagram.com/charlybliss

106. Noveller – A Pink Sunset For No One
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/novellermusic
Twitter: twitter.com/sarahlipstate
Instagram: instagram.com/lipstate

105. Vagabon – Infinite Worlds
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/vagabonjour
Twitter: twitter.com/vagabonvagabon
Instagram: instagram.com/vagabonvagabon

104. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – The Nashville Sound
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/jasonisbellmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/JasonIsbell
Instagram: instagram.com/jasonisbell

103. Brian Eno – Reflection
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/brianenomusic
Twitter: twitter.com/dark_shark
Web: enoshop.co.uk

102. Joan Shelley – Joan Shelley
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/joanshelleymusic
Twitter: twitter.com/JoanShelley
Instagram: instagram.com/joanshelley

101. Nervous Dater – Don’t Be A Stranger
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/NervousDater
Twitter: twitter.com/NervousDater
Instagram: instagram.com/nervous_dater

100. Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Ambient Black Magic
Listen at: Spotify
Discogs: discogs.com/rainforestspiritualenslavement
Hospital Productions: hospitalproductions.net/ambientblackmagic
Fact Mag: factmag.com/rainforest-spiritual-enslavement

99. Tomboi – Spectrum
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/tomboiband
Twitter: twitter.com/Tomboiband
Instagram: instagram.com/tomboiband

98. The Moonlandingz – Interplanetary Class Classics
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/themoonlandingz
Instagram: instagram.com/the_moonlandingz

97. Sierra Blanca – Honorable Mention
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/sierrablancamusic
YouTube: youtube.com/SierraBlancaMusic
Instagram: instagram.com/sierrablancamusic

96. Pumarosa – The Witch
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/pumarosamusic
Twitter: twitter.com/pumarosamusic
Instagram: instagram.com/pumarosamusic

95. Laurel Halo – Dust
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/laurelhalo
Twitter: twitter.com/LaurelHalo
Instagram: instagram.com/lol_halol

94. Alice Glass – Alice Glass
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/aliceglass
Twitter: twitter.com/ALICEGLASS
Instagram: instagram.com/_alice_glass

93. Two Cow Garage – Brand New Flag
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/twocowgarage
Twitter: twitter.com/twocowgarage1
Instagram: instagram.com/twocowgarage1

92. Mary Epworth – Elytral
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/maryepworth
Twitter: twitter.com/maryepworth
Instagram: instagram.com/maryepworth

91. Fever Ray – Plunge
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/FeverRay
Twitter: twitter.com/feverray
Instagram: instagram.com/feverray

90. Gorillaz – Humanz
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/Gorillaz
Twitter: twitter.com/gorillaz
Instagram: instagram.com/gorillaz

89. David Crosby – Sky Trails
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/OfficialDavidCrosby
Twitter: twitter.com/thedavidcrosby
Instagram: instagram.com/thedavidcrosby

88. Paradise Lost – Medusa
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/paradiselostofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/OfficialPL
Instagram: instagram.com/officialparadiselost

87. Anna St. Louis – First Songs
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/woodsist
Twitter: twitter.com/anna_st_louis
Instagram: instagram.com/annastlouis

86. The Church – Man Woman Life Death Infinity
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/thechurchband
Twitter: twitter.com/thechurchband
YouTube: youtube.com/user/therealchurchband

85. Once A Tree – Phoenix
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/onceatreemusic
Twitter: twitter.com/onceatreemusic
Instagram: instagram.com/onceatree

84. Roger Waters – Is This The Life We Really Want?
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/rogerwaters
Twitter: twitter.com/rogerwaters
Instagram: instagram.com/rogerwaters

83. Phoebe Bridgers – Stranger In The Alps
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/phoebebridgers
Twitter: twitter.com/phoebe_bridgers
Instagram: instagram.com/phoebebridgers

82. Kevin Morby – City Music
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/kevinrobertmorby
Twitter: twitter.com/kevinmorby
Instagram: instagram.com/kevinmorby

81. Chris Barron – Angels and One-Armed Jugglers
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/Chris-Barron-41500644342
Twitter: twitter.com/thechrisbarron
Instagram: instagram.com/thechrisbarron

80. Moses Boyd – Absolute Zero
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/moses.boyd.7
Twitter: twitter.com/Mosesboydexodus
Instagram: instagram.com/mosesboydexodus

79. Nelson Can – EP3
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/nelsoncanband
Twitter: twitter.com/NelsonCanBand
Instagram: instagram.com/nelsoncan

78. Peter Broderick – All Together Again
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/officialpeterbroderick
Twitter: twitter.com/ErasedTapes
Instagram: instagram.com/erasedtapesrecords

77. Robert Plant – Carry Fire
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/robertplant
Twitter: twitter.com/RobertPlant
Instagram: instagram.com/robertplantofficial

76. Somatic Responses – Pattern Seeking
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/Somatic-Responses
Twitter: twitter.com/SomaticR
Discogs: discogs.com/artist/6469-Somatic-Responses

75. Björk – Utopia
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/bjork
Twitter: twitter.com/bjork
Instagram: instagram.com/bjork

74. Amber Mark – 3:33am
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/AmberMark
Twitter: twitter.com/Amb3rMark
Instagram: instagram.com/instagramber

73. August Rosenbaum – Vista
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/augustrosenbaum.music
Twitter: twitter.com/augustrosenbaum
Instagram: instagram.com/augustrosentown

72. India Ramey – Snake Handler
Listen at: IndiaRamey.com/music
Facebook: facebook.com/indiarameyband
Twitter: twitter.com/indiaramey
Instagram: instagram.com/indiarameymusic

71. Jon Latham – Lifers
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/jonlathammusic
Twitter: twitter.com/thejonlatham
Instagram: instagram.com/jonlathampics

70. Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker – The Birds
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/josienneclarkeandbenwalker
Twitter: twitter.com/josienneandben
Instagram: instagram.com/josienneandben

69. dbh – Mass
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/dbhguitar
Twitter: twitter.com/dbhguitar
Instagram: instagram.com/dbhguitar

68. Carrellee – Kingdom
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/carrelleefree
Twitter: twitter.com/carrelleefree
Instagram: instagram.com/carrelleefree

67. Bruja – Evil Creepy
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/brujaband
Twitter: twitter.com/Bruja_Band
Instagram: instagram.com/bruja_band

66. Bedouine – Bedouine
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/BedouineMusic
Twitter: twitter.com/BedouineMusic
Instagram: instagram.com/bedouinemusic

65. Ninet – Paper Parachute
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/ninetayebOfficial
Twitter: twitter.com/NinetOfficial
Instagram: instagram.com/n.tayeb

64. Marika Hackman – I’m Not Your Man
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/MarikaHackman
Twitter: twitter.com/MarikaHackman
Instagram: instagram.com/marikahackman

63. Julien Baker – Turn Out The Lights
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/julienrbaker
Twitter: twitter.com/julienrbaker
Instagram: instagram.com/julienrbaker

62. Syd – Fin
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/syd
Twitter: twitter.com/internetsyd
Instagram: instagram.com/syd

61. Christina Rubino – Godspeed and Guns
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/ChristinaRubinoMusic
Twitter: twitter.com/christinarmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/christinarubinomusic

60. Alex Lahey – I Love You Like A Brother
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/alexlaheymusic
Twitter: twitter.com/AlexLahey
Instagram: instagram.com/alex_lahey

59. Radiophonic Workshop – Burials In Several Earths
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/theradiophonicworkshop
Twitter: twitter.com/radiophonicwork
Web: theradiophonicworkshop.co.uk

58. The Dollyrots – Whiplash Splash
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/thedollyrots
Twitter: twitter.com/TheDollyrots
Instagram: instagram.com/thedollyrots

57. Chris Milam – Kids These Days
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/ChrisMilamMusic
Twitter: twitter.com/ChrisMilam
Instagram: instagram.com/chrismilammusic

56. Ramsey – Ramsey
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/ramseysound
Twitter: twitter.com/RamseySound
Instagram: instagram.com/ramseysound

55. Partner – In Search Of Lost Time
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/officiallypartners
Twitter: twitter.com/partner_band
Instagram: instagram.com/partner_band

54. Wayward Sons – Ghosts Of Yet To Come
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/waywardsonsbanduk
Twitter: twitter.com/WaywardSonsBand
Instagram: instagram.com/waywardsonsbanduk

53. Jay Som – Everybody Works
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/jaysommusic
Twitter: twitter.com/jaysomband
Instagram: instagram.com/jaysomband

52. Tired Lion – Dumb Days
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/TiredLionBand
Twitter: twitter.com/TiredLionBand
Instagram: instagram.com/tiredlionband

51. Mollie Marriott – Truth Is A Wolf
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/mollie.marriott
Twitter: twitter.com/MollieMarriott
Instagram: instagram.com/molliemarriott

50. Sudan Archives – Sudan Archives
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/thesudanarchives
Twitter: twitter.com/sudanarchives
Instagram: instagram.com/sudanarchives

49. Bully – Losing
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/bullythemusic
Twitter: twitter.com/Bully
Instagram: instagram.com/bullythemusic

48. Slothrust – Tell Me How You Want It To Be
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/Slothrust
Twitter: twitter.com/SLOTHRUST
Instagram: instagram.com/slothrust

47. The Side Eyes – So Sick
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/thesideeyes
In The Red: intheredrecords.com/products/the-side-eyes
Instagram: instagram.com/thesideeyes

46. Margo Price – All American Made
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/MargoAndThePriceTags
Twitter: twitter.com/MissMargoPrice
Instagram: instagram.com/missmargoprice

45. The War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/thewarondrugs
Twitter: twitter.com/TheWarOnDrugs
Instagram: instagram.com/thewarondrugs

44. Southern Avenue – Southern Avenue
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/SouthernAvenueBand
Twitter: twitter.com/SouthernAveMEM
Instagram: instagram.com/southernavenuemusic

43. Gizmodrome – Gizmodrome
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/Gizmodrome
Twitter: twitter.com/Gizmodrome
Instagram: instagram.com/gizmodrome

42. Becca Mancari – Good Woman
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/Beccamancarimusic
Twitter: twitter.com/beccamancari
Instagram: instagram.com/beccamancari

41. Tangerine Dream – Quantum Gate
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/TANGERINEDREAM.OFFICIAL
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/tangerinedreamofficial2015
Web: tangerinedream.org

40. Jake Xerxes Fussell – What In The Natural World
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/jakexerxesfussell
Twitter: twitter.com/PofBachelors
Web: paradiseofbachelors.com/jake-xerxes-fussell

39. Leprous – Malina
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/leprousband
Twitter: twitter.com/leprousband
Instagram: instagram.com/leprousofficial

38. Big Thief – Capacity
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/bigthiefmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/bigthiefmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/bigthiefmusic

37. Wolf Alice – Visions Of A Life
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/wolfalicemusic
Twitter: twitter.com/wolfalicemusic
Instagram: instagram.com/wolfaliceband

36. Susanne Sundfør – Music For People In Trouble
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/susannesundfor
Twitter: twitter.com/susannesundfor
Instagram: instagram.com/susannesundfor

35. Micah Schnabel – Your New Norman Rockwell
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/Micahschnabelmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/micahtwocow
Instagram: instagram.com/micahschnabel

34. Peluché – Utopia Village
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/pelucheband
Twitter: twitter.com/pelucheband
Instagram: instagram.com/pelucheband

33. Steven Wilson – To The Bone
Listen at: Stevenwilsonhq.com
Facebook: facebook.com/StevenWilsonHQ
Twitter: twitter.com/StevenWilsonHQ
Instagram: instagram.com/stevenwilsonhq

32. Faith Evans Ruch – Lessons In Falling
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/FaithEvansRuchMusic
Twitter: twitter.com/faithevansruch
Instagram: instagram.com/faithevansruch

31. Katie Buxton – Something Different
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/KatieBuxtonMusic
Twitter: twitter.com/ktbuxton
Instagram: instagram.com/katiebux

30. Thundercat – Drunk
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/ThundercatOfficial
Twitter: twitter.com/Thundercat
Instagram: instagram.com/thundercat_music

29. London Grammar – Truth Is A Beautiful Thing
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/londongrammar
Twitter: twitter.com/londongrammar
Instagram: instagram.com/londongrammar

28. Laura Marling – Semper Femina
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/lauramarling
Twitter: twitter.com/lauramarlinghq
Instagram: instagram.com/lauramarling

27. Nadine Shah – Holiday Destination
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/Nadineshah
Twitter: twitter.com/nadineshah
Instagram: instagram.com/nadineshah

26. Fleet Foxes – Crack Up
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/FleetFoxes
Instagram: instagram.com/fleetfoxes
Web: fleetfoxes.co/crack-up

25. Loyle Carner – Yesterday’s Gone
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/LoyleCarner
Twitter: twitter.com/LoyleCarner
Instagram: instagram.com/loylecarner

24. Floating Points – Reflections (Mojave Desert)
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/floatingpoints
Twitter: twitter.com/floatingpoints
Instagram: instagram.com/floatingpoints

23. Richard Spaven – The Self
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/richardspavendrummer
Twitter: twitter.com/SPAVEN
Web: richardspaven.com

22. Karine Polwart – A Pocket Of Wind Resistance
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/karinepolwart
Twitter: twitter.com/IAMKP
Web: karinepolwart.com

21. Aldous Harding – Party
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/AldousHarding
Twitter: twitter.com/AldousHarding
Instagram: instagram.com/aldousharding

20. Petit Biscuit – Presence
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/petitbiscuitsound
Twitter: twitter.com/PetitBiscuit
Instagram: instagram.com/petitbiscuit

19. Kelela – Take Me Apart
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/kelelamusic
Twitter: twitter.com/kelelam
Instagram: instagram.com/kelelam

18. Verb T & Pitch 92 – Good Evening
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/Verb-T
Twitter: twitter.com/realverbt
Instagram: instagram.com/verb_t

17. Kara-Lis Coverdale – Grafts
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/karaliscoverdalee
Twitter: twitter.com/kliscoverdale
Instagram: instagram.com/k__lc

16. Nadia Reid – Preservation
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/hellonadiareid
Twitter: twitter.com/HelloNadiaReid
Instagram: instagram.com/hellonadiareid

15. Fhloston Paradigm – After
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/KingBrittFanPage
Twitter: twitter.com/kingbritt
Instagram: instagram.com/kingbritt

14. Andrew Combs – Canyons Of My Mind
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/andrewcombsmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/andrew_combs
Instagram: instagram.com/andrew_combs

13. Courtney Marie Andrews – Honest Life
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/CourtneyMarieAndrews
Twitter: twitter.com/courtneymamusic
Instagram: instagram.com/courtneymarieandrews

12. Hannah Peel – Mario Casio: Journey To Cassiopeia
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: facebook.com/HannahPeelMusic
Twitter: twitter.com/Hanpeel
Instagram: instagram.com/hannahpeelmusic

11. Daniel O’Sullivan – VELD
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: facebook.com/mothlite
Twitter: twitter.com/DOSMMXVI
Instagram: instagram.com/mothlite

10. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Rest
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: charlottegainsbourg
Twitter: cgainsbourg
Instagram: charlotte_gainsbourg

09. Kelly Lee Owens – Kelly Lee Owens
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facbook: kellyleeowens
Twitter: kellyleeowens
Instagram: kellyleeowens

08. Andrea Belfi – Ore
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: andreabelfimusic
Twitter: AndreaBelfi
Instagram: andreabelfi

07. Jlin – Black Origami
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: jlintheinnovator
Twitter: Jlin_P
Instagram: jlin_p

06. Colin Stetson – All This I Do For Glory
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: Colin.Stetson.Music
Twitter: colin_stetson
Instagram: colinstetson

05. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – The Kid
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: kaitlynaurelia
Twitter: kaitlynaurelia
Instagram: kaitlynaurelia

04. St. Vincent – Masseduction
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: St.Vincent
Twitter: st_vincent
Instagram: st_vincent

03. Binker & Moses – Journey To The Mountain Of Forever
Listen at: Spotify
Facebook: BinkerAndMoses
Twitter: binkerandmoses
Instagram: binkerandmoses

02. The Weather Station – The Weather Station
Listen at: Bandcamp
Facebook: TheWeatherStn
Twitter: TheWeatherStn
Instagram: theweatherstation

01. Julie Byrne – Not Even Happiness
Listen at: Bandcamp
Listen at: Spotify
Web: juliemariebyrne.com
Basin Rock Records: basinrock

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Boss Keloid announce new album and worldwide record deal

Britain’s finest heavy psych-proggers Boss Keloid have announced a new record deal and teased their forthcoming new album.

Following widespread acclaim for their 2016 collection Herb Your Enthusiasm, the band have signed a worldwide deal with the renowned Holy Roar Records and will release their third long-player, Melted On The Inch, in Spring 2018.

Say the band: “We are delighted to be signing to Holy Roar for the release of our new album, Melted On The Inch. They’re a progressive and passionate label with an ethos that we strongly admire and relate to, so it’s really cool that they’ve shown a great deal of interest and passion in our music. It’s an honour to join such a musically strong and diverse roster.

“For us, Melted On The Inch is a strong progression from Herb Your Enthusiasm. It draws from a much wider pond of influence than our previous. It is more progressive, more uplifting, more melancholic, more emotional, more dynamic, there is a greater emphasis on light and shade, it is heavier, it is more delicate, it has more beauty, it has more darkness.”

Check out the teaser for Melted On The Inch below.

You can read our 2016 interview with Boss Keloid here, and check out our review of previous LP Herb Your Enthusiasm here.

Connect with Boss Keloid at:
Facebook: facebook.com/bosskeloidband
Twitter: twitter.com/bosskeloid
Bandcamp: bosskeloid.bandcamp.com
Holy Roar: www.holyroarrecords.com

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