Pavement announce new rarities compilation album


Pavement have announced that they are set to release a rarities compilation album.

The Secret History Vol.1 will be out on the 14th of August and will feature 30 tracks. It’s the first part in a wider 5 volume archive release programme from the band.

Focussed on material recorded around their debut album, Slanted And Enchanted, the track list includes B-sides, an unreleased session track, John Peel session recordings and live renditions dating back to 1992.

A deluxe double-vinyl edition of the album will also contain essays by Pavement members Stephen Malkmus and Spiral Stairs.

The full track list for The Secret History Vol.1 is:

“Sue Me Jack”
“So Stark” (You’re A Skyscraper)
“Summer Babe” (7” Version)
“Mercy Snack: The Laundromat”
“Baptiss Blacktick”
“My First Mine”
“Nothing Ever Happens”
“Here” (Alternate Mix)
“Circa 1762” (Peel Session 1)
“Kentucky Cocktail” (Peel Session 1)
“Secret Knowledge Of Backroads” (Peel Session 1)
“Here” (Peel Session 1)
“Rain Ammunition” (Peel Session 2)
“Drunks With Guns” (Peel Session 2)
“Ed Ames” (Peel Session 2)
“The List Of Dorms” (Peel Session 2)
“Conduit For Sale” [Live Brixton 1992]
“Fame Throwa” [Live Brixton 1992]
“Home” [Live Brixton 1992]
“Perfume V” [Live Brixton 1992]
“Summer Babe” [Live Brixton 1992]
“Frontwards” [Live Brixton 1992]
“Angel Carver Blues Mellow Jazz Docent” [Live Brixton 1992]
“Two States” [Live Brixton 1992]
“No Life Singed Her” [Live Brixton 1992]
“So Stark” (You’re A Skyscraper) [Live Brixton 1992]
“Box Elder” [Live Brixton 1992]
“Baby Yeah” [Live Brixton 1992]
“In The Mouth Of A Desert” [Live Brixton 1992]

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