Swallow The Sun stopped from performing in Dubai over devil-worshipping claims

Swallow The Sun

Swallow The Sun have been stopped from playing a show in Dubai following claims that the concert would promote “devil-worshipping.”

The band were due to play The Music Room at the Majestic Hotel, United Arab Emirates, on the 12th of February.

Swallow The Sun’s Middle East distributor, Metal East Records, say in a statement: “What we know so far is that a competitor has actually filed this complaint mentioning the show was promoting devil-worshipping – which we all know is not the case.

“Let’s fill the bill up with some local talent and celebrate never giving up on the music we love.”

Metal East want to hear from interested artists, adding: “Swallow The Sun members will be guests of honour at the venue.”

Say Swallow The Sun: “Today we got some very very sad news. Sadly we can’t perform our music to you guys. But some of us are still coming to Dubai to meet you. I guess it’s better than nothing? We are so sorry.”

Swallow The Sun released their triple album, Songs From The North I, II & III, last November via Century Media. They’re due to play Doom Over London on the 25th-27th March.

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