New music releases, 24th November 2014

Here are the new and notable music releases for this week, 24th November 2014:

Soundgarden Echoes Of Miles Cover
Echo Of Miles: Scattered Track Across The Path, Soundgarden

The Vinyl Box Set, Bring Me The Horizon
The Velvet Underground (Super Deluxe Edition), The Velvet Undergroud
The Third Three Years, Frank Turner
Warchild (30th Anniversary Theatre Edition), Jethro Tull
Going Back Home (Deluxe Edition), Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey
Albion, Ten
Where Greater Men Have Fallen, Primordial
Carrion Skies, Fen
SoCal Sessions, P.O.D.
Running Wild, Girlschool
Astralion, Astralion
Stormborn, Bloodbound
Waking The Dead, NFD
Peste, Hierophant
Hyena, Cripper
Produces Reason, Sleep Of Monsters
The Bowls Of Wrath, Postmortem
Full Of Hell & Merzbow, Full Of Hell
Deep Drone Master, The Deathtrip
Redeeming Filth, Centinex
Colony (Special Edition), In Flames
Tyrant, Aversions Crown
Black Forest Metal, Hanzel Und Gretyl
Eldritch, Saille
All That Might Have Been, Peter Hammill
Where The Tree Stands Dead, The Duskfall
Untrodden Corridors Of Hades, Varathron
Ready To Strike (Collector’s Edition), King Kobra
The Lunatic Chapters of Heavenly Creatures, Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy

All of the above and many more are available to buy via the Skin Back Alley Music Store, powered by Amazon A-Store.

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