Richie Kotzen reveals video for new song The Enemy

Richie Kotzen 2015

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Richie Kotzen has released a video for his song “The Enemy.”

The track is the third single to be lifted from Kotzen’s 20th studio album Cannibals, released earlier this year.

“My director buddy Vicente Cordero found this abandoned drive-in, which was the perfect location for the video,” Kotzen tells Ultimate Classic Rock. “The song is basically a song about loss and cause of loss, which in this case is one’s own actions. What ties the song and location together is that we are showing my childhood videos on the screen, which makes the entire piece that much more personal.”

Continues the musician: “I probably shouldn’t reveal this, but half the song has a drum and guitar performance from several years ago, and the rest of the song is comprised of new recorded performances. Crazy concept, but somehow it worked and I ended up with a recording that I’m very happy with.”

You can watch the video for “The Enemy” below:

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