Stephen Chopek shares new single, Fall tour dates and details new album release

Stephen Chopek by Jamie Harmon

Memphis-based indie rock artist Stephen Chopek has shared his new single, “Nothing Happens”.

The track is lifted from Chopek’s new full length, Things Moving On Their Own Together, scheduled for release on the 29th of September.

The album marks a milestone for Chopek in what has been a very busy 2015 that will see the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist play a series of live shows this Fall in support of the LP.

“With these songs, I didn’t premeditate the finished products at all,” he says. “This was a very different experience from the making of my other record, See Through. That album was recorded exactly as I had written it. This time around, none of the songs were done until they were finished being recorded. I knew that I wasn’t going to complete everything at once, so I surrendered to the process.”

Stephen allowed himself to be more spontaneous and open to the creative process, willing to experiment and let the songs suggest where they wanted to go. “I played all the instruments, so I had the freedom to explore ideas as soon as they presented themselves,” he says. “I’d run to the guitar and try something out, then back to the drums to experiment with a different feel, then over to the microphone to change some words or a vocal phrasing. The process was very energetic and liberating.”

Combining songs from recent EPs Things Moving and On Their Own, the full collection of Things Moving On Their Own Together brims with a punchy vitality, motorik grooves intertwining with stop-start staccato vocal lines to build a hypnotic and engaging set. Punk, folk and indie rock credentials come together with a healthy dose of melody to create a whole that is exponentially more than the sum of its parts.

Check out new single, “Nothing Happens”, below for proof:

Chopek’s confirmed list of Fall live shows is:

25th Sep: Found, Memphis TN
02nd Oct: The Syndicate Lounge, Birmingham AL
03rd Oct: The Industry Bar, Mobile AL
04th Oct: Sould Wired Cafe, Jackson MS
06th Oct: Java Monkey, Atlanta GA
07th Oct: Burro Bar, Jacksonville FL
08th Oct: Good Stuff Grocery, Marshall NC
09th Oct: Juggling Gypsy, Wilmington NC
10th Oct: The Clinic, Boone NC
11th Oct: Tree House Lounge, Washington DC
13th Oct: Metropolitan Lounge, Annapolis MD
14th Oct: Groov Cafe, Montclair NJ
15th Oct: Blank Space Gallery, Milford CT
16th Oct: Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn NY
18th Oct: Tree House at 2A, Manhattan NY
20th Oct: The Makespace, Harrisburg PA
22nd Oct: Listing Loon, Cincinnati OH
28th Oct: Penny University, Russellville AR

The full track list for Things Moving On Their Own Together is:

Stephen Chopek - Things Moving On Their Own Together cover01. “Hurry”
02. “Systematic Collapse”
03. “Staying”
04. “Answers”
05. “Alright With Me”
06. “Love Is A Negotiation”
07. “Falling Apart Again”
08. “Back Track”
09. “Action Speaks”
10. “Nothing Happens”
11. “Only Here”
12. “Forget About Familiar”
13. “Slower You Go”
14. “Rant”

The album is scheduled for release on the 29th of September and you can pre-order it here. Check out Chopek’s self-directed video for album track “Staying” below:

Connect with Stephen Chopek at:


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