Tairrie B returns with new track ‘Wicked Witch of the West Coast (Mediatrix Remix)’

Tairrie B July 2015

Tairrie B is back with the killer Mediatrix Remix of her track “Wicked Witch of the West Coast.”

The original song features on the trailblazing rap artist’s album Vintage Curses, released worldwide on the 14th of August.

“I’m excited to debut my new remix of ‘Wicked Witch of the West Coast’ created by the fierce London based producer extraordinaire Nina Mediatrix,” says Tairrie.

“I have been impressed by her many incredible talents as a producer, along with the depth of musicality in her remixes. When she reached out to me with an offer to collaborate, I couldn’t resist joining forces. I fell in love with her bewitching and unexpected spin on the track from first listen and feel honored to have the chance to work with her at this early stage in her career. She’s got great ideas and a unique perspective which shines through in her music. I’m thrilled to have her conjure such a totally different atmosphere, giving the song a new and yet hauntingly classic hip hop sound while staying true to the old school vide and sensibility of the original recording.”

Wicked Witch Mediatrix

“Tairrie B is such an important figure in both rock and hip hop. I am a longtime fan of her work as a rock musician with her band My Ruin and I’m thrilled to be able to remix for Tairrie on her return to hip hop,” adds Nina Mediatrix.

“When I heard ‘Vintage Curses’ the attitude, the samples and the overall mood really resonated with me,” she continues, “and I thought it was intelligent, inspired and fresh. Sonically, I love the 90s vibe and I often use throwback elements in my Mediatrix Music remixes such as 808s and Orchestra Hits. In remixing ‘Wicked Witch of the West Coast’ I wanted to offer something that paid homage to Tairrie’s rap legacy and early years with Eazy E’s Comptown Records label whilst creating a sound that would work in 2015. The remix is not going to be what people are expecting – which makes it even more exciting to share! On a personal note, like many other women of my generation and particularly as a female producer and musician, I have been hugely influenced by Tairrie and feel I have benefited from her positive, authentic representation of women.”

Check out the Mediatrix Remix of “Wicked Witch of the West Coast” below and download your copy for free here.

Connect with Tairrie B at:
Facebook: facebook.com/tairrieb
Twitter: twitter.com/tairrieb

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